Food Viewing

Hello. How are you doing? Getting enough to eat? I sure hope so. Being hungry sucks. A little hunger is okay as long as it is not a regular event. Here in the USA there is no excuse for hunger for many reasons. I have noticed that local charities have had to expand their efforts thanks to the ongoing class war. The greedy scum vile filth at the upper level of the socioeconomic hierarchy upped their class war around 1972 and those greedy scum have been grabbing an ever-growing percentage of the national wealth ever since.

Skim the wealth that the masses of common folks create via their efforts then use the elite-owned propaganda systems to encourage those masses to give more to local charities to assist the downtrodden. What a racket!!! Akin to having the condemned person dig their own grave before they are executed.

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Food Blogs For You

Hello herd, welcome back or just plain “welcome” if this is the first time you wandered into the   124,453,873,992,331st most popular food blog within the Web.

Today I am offering you links to other blogs that may assist you in your pursuit of dining Nirvana.

Let’s start with  Phoood

Reviewing the grub the masses dig into including fast food joint offerings and “comfort” food found in grocery stores.  Wander over and groove on the yummy stuff.


Then there is the site that declares they  put the ” ‘ew’ in product reviews… The Impulsive Buy

Similar to Phoood above this blog may assist you in what to munch upon.  And where. And, maybe, why.  The calories within the food assists the slender-challenged and likely those not challenged but doing what is needing to keep those immense rolls of blubber from draping the body.

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Salad Dressing Flavors

The grocery store shelves offer many types and flavors of salad dressing.

Have you ever wondered which ones are bought most often?

Me neither.

I look at calorie content first then think about which low calorie dressing will taste best.

I seldom consider what other people are buying when I make a purchasing decision.

Considering the ignorance of the huge herd of bleating USA citizen-sheep I wonder why any rational thinking non-sheep would give a moments reflection as to what the HUGE mass of ignorant, ill-educated buffoons are buying.

While the wise buyer will use their own judgement it can still be interesting to view general statistics, trends, etc. while making ones’ own buying decisions.

Our friends at The Food Channel recently posted an article titled:

Top Ten Most Popular Salad Dressing Flavors

1. Ranch Dressing

2. Vinaigrette

3. Caesar Dressing


You will have to follow the link to see the remaining 7 of the top 10.


Urge to Eat

Eat ’em up, yum.

Give the guy credit for not causing unnecessary damage other than breaking the window.

He may have earned “brownie points” if he had cleaned up the broken glass on the floor.


A gentleman would have left the guesstimated value of the food next to the cash register, hidden from easy view so that a thief-type person looking through the broken window would not see the cash sitting there.


A Pizza Essay (left upon a Houston, TX message board)

Good or excellent pizza is a very subjective affair and it is foolish to proclaim anybody’s opinion about this or that pizza or this or that pizza firm is “the best.”

I do want to mention that “great pizza” does not necessarily require that the pizza-type be a bizarre-to-many affair with rare or odd toppings.

Some studies indicate that across the USA pepperoni is the number one chosen topping.

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