Casper’s Vittle Vending Folks

Being an outsider who has resided in Springfield a brief 5 years I review establishments without the bias that can occur when a firm is a large part of one’s life experiences.

Casper’s is “quaint,” in the manner I define the subjective-in-nature term but I have experienced quainter quaint in many other locales across the USA.

However, in regards to the general locale of the firm, the quaint applies and can be an attractor to some while being a negative aspect for others.

I have tried their fare several times during the period of my local residing in my shanty a few minutes drive from Casper’s. I give credit to the firm that parking has never been problematic with ample room to park.

There was always ample seating room. That may be true to my tendency to shun food firms during the rushes at typical vittles eating times.

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Food For Fat Folks

Hello fellow food lovers

“Hello yourself you old curmudgeon.”

I am still huddled in my humble hovel in southern Missouri atop the Ozark Plateau.

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Ewwww! How Can you Eat That?!!!!

Bouncing around the Orient while in the military often leads to tasting various odd foodstuffs at least partially due to peer pressure.

Balut in the Philippines along with monkey and other goodies generally referred to as “mystery meat.”

Korea had weird vittles.

Heckaroni, every country over yonder had weird grub… even grubs for snacks, etc.

Interestingly, the varied spices and sauces were often the main or only taste source with the meat merely providing texture.

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8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams


Lots of pics and text and comments.

Follow the “Read more here »” link at the bottom of each “slide” in the slide show for more information about each pizza place reviewed.

No chain pizza joints here.

All are individually owned in the New York City area but…. oh my… those pizzas look oh-so good!

Vittles from the past: Nation’s GIANT Burgers

A write-up and pictures from a couple of visitors to a burger joint that was one of the best eatin’ deals from a time long ago when your cuddly Disgruntled Old Coot lived out Californy way.

Pizza Types

Pizza “types” requires mentioning.

Yes, there IS grocery-store-bought and pizza-joint-bought and this and that city’s “style” of pizza and surely other methods of sorting out that which is pizza.

Well, the Disgruntled One will attempt to include ALL of the multitude of styles and varieties and I hope Wiki assists my efforts.

(Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margherita taken by Valerio Capello on September 6th 2005 in a pizzeria (“I Decumani”) located on the Via dei Tribunali in Naples.)

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