How to Make Hard Tack Biscuits With a 50 Year Shelf Life

How to Make Hard Tack Biscuits With a 50 Year Shelf Life

How are you going to eat in case society collapses? What if the much needed Revolutionary War Two finally occurs and the food supply chain breaks down? There are many reasons to have some long-lasting vittles stashed to stave off hunger or maybe even starvation.

Follow the link above for a right-on recipe to make those vittles that may save you from starvation some year.




Interesting Recipe

At the awesome Serious Eats Web site I saw a post about S. H. Fernando Jr.’s Spicy Lentil Fritters.

The fritters page has a link to a page with the recipe so that you, too, can create your own fritters.

However, one part of the recipe made me cringe for a brief moment:

Cup each ball in both hands and flatten slightly so the middle is thicker than the edges.”

I quickly returned to my normally abnormal state of statelessness and realized that the round objects were future fritters needing but to be immersed in hot oil for awhile to be made ready for biting.

And life continues in the shanty where a peanut butter sandwich has become a budget breaker.