Urge to Eat

Eat ’em up, yum.

Give the guy credit for not causing unnecessary damage other than breaking the window.

He may have earned “brownie points” if he had cleaned up the broken glass on the floor.


A gentleman would have left the guesstimated value of the food next to the cash register, hidden from easy view so that a thief-type person looking through the broken window would not see the cash sitting there.



Inexpensive Eating

McDonald’s Dollar Menu McDouble

Two small semi-slabs of cooked cow with one cheese slice residing between them.

Condiments include a pickle pair, ketchup, mustard and some really chopped up onion.

And a burger bun. A top and bottom bun. I like buns. Yep.

A buck burger hereabouts. local sales tax adds six-cents to the total cost.

Fine dining for some.

A BIG “Thanks” to Brand Eating for this picture:

(Pic from Brand Eating)

I was pleased with the comment I wrote at the article written at Brand Eating about the McDonald’s “buck burger” and decided to also place it here:


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