Casper’s Vittle Vending Folks

Being an outsider who has resided in Springfield a brief 5 years I review establishments without the bias that can occur when a firm is a large part of one’s life experiences.

Casper’s is “quaint,” in the manner I define the subjective-in-nature term but I have experienced quainter quaint in many other locales across the USA.

However, in regards to the general locale of the firm, the quaint applies and can be an attractor to some while being a negative aspect for others.

I have tried their fare several times during the period of my local residing in my shanty a few minutes drive from Casper’s. I give credit to the firm that parking has never been problematic with ample room to park.

There was always ample seating room. That may be true to my tendency to shun food firms during the rushes at typical vittles eating times.

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Breast Fondling

Grilling bird breasts.

The linked-to article discusses chicken breasts but I assume other bird’s breasts can be manipulated similarly.

How to Grill Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

I do not have the type of grill mentioned in the article.

The closest device I have to a “real” grill is my use-indoors electric grill with a round cooking area around 12-inches across.

I do not use it often.

I will likely wrench it loose from its resting spot on the shelf and use the cooking method shared in the link when I can buy some on-sale inexpensive chicken breasts.

I eagerly anticipate fondling them.