USA Buffet Springfield Missouri Leaves Old Coot Delighted and Sated

*************** UPDATE ***************

Latter part of January 2013… arrived to sate my HUGE hunger and saw no vehicles in the parking lot. No lights inside. Sniff. Closed when it should be open.

Tried again a few days later… nope. No shoveling in enormous quantities of MANY different food-types.

Only the good die young?

USA Buffet

300 East Battlefield Springfield, MO 65807

South side of Battlefield Road across from the Big Lots!, Food-4-Less, and CiCi Pizza stores.

Taking over the location one occupied by the Foo Kee Chinese buffet American Buffet is a marvelous addition to Springfield dining.

The two serving tables offer a multitude of choices.

Standard American fare such as mashed potatoes, fried chicken, salisbury steak and many more choices.

Then there is the small USA-style “Mexican” food offerings that allow you to create your own dishes of that food style; tacos, taco salads, etc. The burritos looked really yummy but with so many choices I will have to wait for the next visit to try the Mexican food.

Making this buffet unique is that along with American and Mexican-type foods there is also a bounty of Chinese food offerings!!!

Every item from the Chinese section tasted delicious to me. Yummy!!!!

All the standard Chinese offerings are present. I especially enjoyed the crab Rangoon that used minimal fried dough surrounding the creamy. tasty center. No BIG “wings” spreading out from the gooey center with these yummy fellows!!! A fine way to obtain maximum taste while reducing calorie content.

There is also a sushi section and a Mongolian barbeque area that appear to be typical in their offerings but I was so busy eating the delicious offerings at the main buffet I did not try those offerings.

While eating all the ingredients were tasty and appear to be of high quality.

No gristle in the chicken nor hard bits of bone in the salisbury steak and the fried chicken was large and meaty and fried excellently. The thin breading had just the right amount of “crunch” for me and seasoned well… enough to taste but not overpower the meat.

The fish was lightly breaded and tasted good. My memory is far from perfect but I believe there was also non-breaded fish offered; my favored way since the calories from breading are avoided. I always look at the fish offerings since cheaply-bought fish usually shows that it is the “cheap stuff” by the off-colors upon it. If I had seen that at American Buffet I would have remembered that!!!

There are several vegetable and soup offerings along with a small desert area I did not sample. I was too full from the yummy meats, mashed potatoes, Chinese goodies and other plate-filling gustatory delights.

I will make another trip and try to get some pictures and comment about other aspects of this new-to-Springfield non-chain, locally owned purveyor of good things to eat!!!

Eat for Existence, Eat for Health, Eat for Fun and Eat for the Joy of Eating!!!

The Foo Kee Chinese buffet departed the planet awhile back.

The sagging economy was surely a partial reason and perhaps the rent for the larger-than-needed building and its prime spot on a major thoroughfare eased the passing of the mighty-fine food I devoured there when it was open.

The building sat empty for several months.

Then, abruptly, looming upon the horizon I saw the new sign.

“American Buffet” the letters shouted out to me and everybody else who bothered to look away from the mobile electronic device their grasping paws were clutching and absorbing all their minute brainpower and awareness of self and surroundings; even many of the disgusting creatures driving their vehicles.

With immense sadness I drove past the new food provider in the building once housing the lamented Foo Kee.
Various economic and physical restrictions required my not pulling into the parking lot, prancing in and partaking of the vittles awaiting.

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People are Food Too

Humans eat various living things to survive.

Well, often we kill the once living thing then start eating it.

Turnabout is fair play.

Critters eat humans.

The Guinea Worm lives and grows inside us so they must be eating something while living in our bodies.

Sadly, a concentrated efforts is killing the Guinea Worm and it may be on the path for extinction!!!


Do your part. Assist in the efforts to prevent the extinction of this species!!!


The rare Guinea Worm faces extinction. Yet despite growing public support for environmentalism and preservation of endangered species, few people will speak out on the Guinea Worm’s behalf. In fact, the United Nations and several prominent U.S. agencies are leading a quiet campaign to eradicate this dwindling species forever from the planet. Is the Guinea Worm the world’s most endangered species?”


Save the date! August 7 is International Save the Guinea Worm Day!


Save the Guinea Worm Foundation

Sad Day. Millions Weep. Entire World Mourns.

Me exaggerate?

Nay, I say!!!

As reported about at the incredibly awesome SFist news paper;

Iconic Chinatown Joint Sam Wo To Close

May the memory of Sam Wo and his firm endure until the sun no longer shines, the rivers stop flowing and the grass stops growing.

And politicians stop being lackey puppet lap-dog figureheads of their ruling-elite masters and corporate USA.

Ewwww! How Can you Eat That?!!!!

Bouncing around the Orient while in the military often leads to tasting various odd foodstuffs at least partially due to peer pressure.

Balut in the Philippines along with monkey and other goodies generally referred to as “mystery meat.”

Korea had weird vittles.

Heckaroni, every country over yonder had weird grub… even grubs for snacks, etc.

Interestingly, the varied spices and sauces were often the main or only taste source with the meat merely providing texture.

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