Eating Dead Cow



Beef: It’s What’s No Longer Affordable for Dinner


I have noticed the steady increase in food prices for a lengthy time. Up up up and… when a price does not rise the item on the shelf is in a smaller container. How much smaller will those soup cans become? If trends continue soup cans will be packed in 6-packs with three cans barely making enough soup to feed a small skinny person!!!

What are the masses of common folks going to do? The costs of the necessities keep going up. Then up some more.

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A Cornucopia of Spam

Fellow gluttons and eaters in general.

I have been busy bashing the many idiots running for political office so they can remain or become the latest figurehead lackey politician vermin to obey their corporate USA and ruling-class masters.

Taking a break from perusing the intense idiocy of the scum mentioned above I wandered across a nifty tastefully done blog entry about the various varieties of Spam.

We Taste Every Kind of Spam

Click the link above and be enlightened about the many wonders and types of Spam.

Ewwww! How Can you Eat That?!!!!

Bouncing around the Orient while in the military often leads to tasting various odd foodstuffs at least partially due to peer pressure.

Balut in the Philippines along with monkey and other goodies generally referred to as “mystery meat.”

Korea had weird vittles.

Heckaroni, every country over yonder had weird grub… even grubs for snacks, etc.

Interestingly, the varied spices and sauces were often the main or only taste source with the meat merely providing texture.

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Inexpensive Eating

McDonald’s Dollar Menu McDouble

Two small semi-slabs of cooked cow with one cheese slice residing between them.

Condiments include a pickle pair, ketchup, mustard and some really chopped up onion.

And a burger bun. A top and bottom bun. I like buns. Yep.

A buck burger hereabouts. local sales tax adds six-cents to the total cost.

Fine dining for some.

A BIG “Thanks” to Brand Eating for this picture:

(Pic from Brand Eating)

I was pleased with the comment I wrote at the article written at Brand Eating about the McDonald’s “buck burger” and decided to also place it here:


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Old Coot Craving

I prefer the taste of meat when it includes soybean protein.

I believe ground up meat types such as hamburger are the only meat-type that soybean stuff can be included.

The ground-up turkey and other ground meats other than cow never appealed to me much.

Pork is okay ground-up as found with sausage but I usually avoid it for various reasons.

I do throb with lust over bacon when properly prepared.

Yet for health, cost and calorie reasons I limit my bacon intake.

Interesting study.