Coot Condoned Cooking Style

The drool-inducing video below will assuredly compel you, propel you to rush to your shanty’s cooking area and commence assembling your own marvelous meal.


Do Not Try This at Home… or Anywhere

No matter how hungry you may be I will never recommend cooking a human for your meal.

Not everybody listens to my advice, however.


Chef told police he cooked his wife’s body for four days


No mention of the seasoning used.


Breast Fondling

Grilling bird breasts.

The linked-to article discusses chicken breasts but I assume other bird’s breasts can be manipulated similarly.

How to Grill Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

I do not have the type of grill mentioned in the article.

The closest device I have to a “real” grill is my use-indoors electric grill with a round cooking area around 12-inches across.

I do not use it often.

I will likely wrench it loose from its resting spot on the shelf and use the cooking method shared in the link when I can buy some on-sale inexpensive chicken breasts.

I eagerly anticipate fondling them.