Practice Food Safety Folks



Do some reading.

Lots of information on the Web.

Avoid food poisoning.

Or take a chance and you may be on the next video as another dumb way to die.



Hunger Control

Your ever-helpful Disgruntled Old Coot knows how those hunger pangs can ruin a diet.

Sometime a person needs a little assistance to ignore those desires for between-meal snacks or eating more in one sitting than is wanted or needed.

To assist those of you trying to shed some lard I offer this handy hunger control device:



Eating for Two if You Are Pregnant.

“For every one of your cells, 10 microbes live inside you”


What’s up, buddies?”  Slide 3 in a “slide show” titled The 7 Biggest Mysteries of the Human Body


Consider the oft-heard declaration that pregnant females are eating for two.

I haven’t heard it said of males but here atop the Ozark Plateau of southern Missouri I do see many males who could easily pass as pregnant due to the enormous bulge above their belt-line thrusting forward to the point their belly meets people before they do.

Even if not pregnant all of us are eating for two…and many more!!!!


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Too Much of a Good Thing?

The USA is the land of waddling blobs of blubber.

One in four young adults are too overweight to join the U.S. military

All I write in this post is about the USA.

Generally, it seems to be normal for folks to gain weight as they age.

The aging body slows down and does not burn as many calories as younger bodies do.

Less physical activity to burn off calories and, maybe, for some folks… boredom leads to increased eating.

Also, the drive to attract the opposite sex appears to slow or even stop so the desire to be physically attractive is reduced or disappears.

But for young folks to pile on pounds is sad… in my opinion.

Since I am the one writing my opinion trumps everything!!!

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Worf Wolfs Down Dead Delicacies but Shuns Dead Animals


I am shocked!!!

I have not missed meat at all,” said the actor. “The only thing I would even think about missing is hamburgers and French fries. You can still have French fries.”

Read the sordid story—–> HERE
Well, the critters should be happy but those poor plants will now experience the attack and being devoured by a rampaging hungry Klingon.!!!

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Famine in Our Future. Oceans Fished Out.

Listen to USA politicians and candidates spew their self-serving froth.

Profit before anything and do whatever is needed to place as much profit as possible into the few greedy hands at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

But all is correct and proper in the USA!!!

Love it or leave it you commoner scum.

Obey the masters!!!

Even though the planet’s population keeps increasing and the food needed to stay alive is decreasing… well, the ruling masters will never go hungry!!!

It is you mere commoner scum who will hunger.

Who knows how many more will die from the inevitable world-wide famine that the number dying today in various parts of the world.

Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans.


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