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My well-honed fine-tuned humor “sense” is repulsive to the majority of blithering idiots infesting the USA. If you are a politically correct droid depart now. Off with you. Be gone… seek your safe place and clutch your brethren in the fear that folks such as I exist.

If you believe you have the proverbial stomach for repulsiveness continue and you may chortle along with the rest of the societal dregs who have fended off the indoctrination dispensed by the elite-class and corporate USA via their well-paid lackey filth.

You have been warned… click to continue at your own risk to your delicate psyche. I am near-broke so if you suffer mental trauma from viewing what is posted below I will laugh convulsively at any attempt to sue me for what I do not have nor ever will possess. There is only one advantage to being dirt-poor in the USA; freedom. Freedom from the financial worries that accompanies those who own enough money and/or possessions that others can sue them to grab the goodies.

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How to Make Hard Tack Biscuits With a 50 Year Shelf Life

How to Make Hard Tack Biscuits With a 50 Year Shelf Life

How are you going to eat in case society collapses? What if the much needed Revolutionary War Two finally occurs and the food supply chain breaks down? There are many reasons to have some long-lasting vittles stashed to stave off hunger or maybe even starvation.

Follow the link above for a right-on recipe to make those vittles that may save you from starvation some year.



20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

Click on the link above and maybe the information and links offered there may assist you in grabbing locally grown or raised goodies. In my back-woods neck of the USA where we are at the end of the food supply line our grocery stores obtain the crappiest veggies I have seen anywhere. Bah!!!

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