A Brief History of America’s Appetite for Macaroni and Cheese

Popularized by Thomas Jefferson, this versatile dish fulfills our nation’s quest for the ‘cheapest protein possible’

A Brief History of America’s Appetite for Macaroni and Cheese | History | Smithsonian

Macaroni and cheese!!! I mix tuna or hamburger in for a yummy meal.

Praising the Potato

Are mashed potatoes the most wonderful culinary creation of all time? No. There can be no one best-of-all food-type. There are just too many savory dishes out there waiting to be gobbled down. Mashed potatoes are high on my “like list” however. And so are the many other ways potatoes can be prepared.  Here are a few of those potato concoctions:

Au Gratin  Potato Salad   French Fries   Roasted Potatoes   Twice-Cooked Potatoes
Cheese Potato Gratin   Scalloped Potatoes   Mashed Potato Pancakes   Oven Baked
Microwave Baked   Crock Pot Baked Potatoes   Potato Soup   Mashed Potato Cakes
Loaded Potatoes   Potato Skins   Potato Wedges   Potato Latkes   Potato Omelet
Hasselback Potatoes   Mashed Potato Puffs   Tater Tot   Potato Casserole
Grilled   Fried   Steamed   and millions more!!!

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What’s the point of the middle bun in the Big Mac?

What’s the point of the middle bun in the Big Mac?

What’s the point of the middle bun in the Big Mac? | F169BBS Discussion Forum

A message board discussion that is intended for adult audiences only. There are commenters with massive intellects of the type that create planet-wide organizations that controls millions of people and billions of dollars.

Alongside of them are societal dregs whose company is shunned by any sane person. Thus, enter at your own risk to ascertain for yourself as to the need for that middle bun. No registration required to leave your own comment.



Food-types that Changed the USA

Unsure how a preparation style can change a country but those folks had to have a title for their interesting lengthy article. Lots of reading to keep you entertained and pics to complement the 101 food items that are sorted by decades. Some freedom from exacting standards is used as to when and how some dished were first created but that is not a critical thing.  Just follow the link and enjoy the show!!!

The 101 Dishes That Changed America

The Yummy Chip Steak and it is Easy to Prepare

What Are Chip Steaks?

Keep scrolling down past the intrusive “video of the day” to read all the tasty textual tid-bits.  We learn who invented the chip steak along with when and where. We will be ready for Jeopardy if ever selected to engage in that TV game show.

The chip steak cooks very fast and makes minimal mess to clean up after cooking. A simple recipe is to place the chip steak upon two hunks of toast. Use the condiment of your choice or no condiments… your choice. I use either mayonnaise or mustard depending upon my mood or if I need to watch calories. Mustard doesn’t add to the on-board lard deposits and as I age I use it more often.

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The Best Canned Chili: Our Taste Test Reveals There’s Only One Worth Trying

Chili is the quintessential winter warm-up food, and whether it’s vegetarian or made for meat eaters, one thing is clear: it’s always better homemade

The Best Canned Chili: Our Taste Test Reveals There’s Only One Worth Trying

We gathered a panel of editors (all humans) and blind-tasted 11 different kinds of canned beef chili (sorry, vegetarians, but we’re going classic with this taste test). Our tasters ranked each chili from best to worst, commenting on the taste, texture and overall impression of each putrid chili. Some were good, some were bad … but in the end, there was really only one that was pleasant.

Of the few brands and the various versions within brands I have tried I settled on Armour chili with beans original. After reading that review I will try the number-one rated chili and work may way down the list. If I find one preferable to my current choice I will likely switch. The comment section below is open for your opinions, thoughts, etc.



Picture from the taste test