Know Your Tortillas



As testament to their popularity, the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) estimates that Americans consumed approximately 85 billion tortillas in 2000 (not including tortilla chips).

Tortilla Industry Association Web site— Here

85 BILLION!!!!!  If true, no wonder there are so many lard-laden skinny-challenged folks waddling around.

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“The McGangBang: a McChicken Sandwich Inside a Double Cheeseburger”

…taking two items off of the Dollar Menu and creating an entirely new sandwich for a total of $2.16. Truly, it’s a sandwich that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Read the incredible edible tale —>   HERE

Pic from here

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Pizza Types

Pizza “types” requires mentioning.

Yes, there IS grocery-store-bought and pizza-joint-bought and this and that city’s “style” of pizza and surely other methods of sorting out that which is pizza.

Well, the Disgruntled One will attempt to include ALL of the multitude of styles and varieties and I hope Wiki assists my efforts.

(Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margherita taken by Valerio Capello on September 6th 2005 in a pizzeria (“I Decumani”) located on the Via dei Tribunali in Naples.)

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Walcott Iowa 1979

Walcott, Iowa. 1979.

Rumbling down I-80 with 18 wheels beneath me.

New to the “trucking game” and it was time to eat. Unsure where to eat; knowing that the presence of the BIG rigs often only meant there was room to park, not that it was a place with good or even merely edible food.

The truck stop was small, an older place, nothing special in appearance.

Inside, the local gals, several rather elderly, were kind and pleasant and recommended the fried chicken dinner.

The meal arrived in stages.

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Chili; with and without beans

I recall the graffiti of my youth, usually scratched into a park picnic table, where the young lovers publicly proclaimed their (((ahem))) life-long burning desire or lust or whatever emotion was felt that day by using the Spanglish word “con.”

Wilberforce -con- Wilhelmina or whatever the name of the couple.

The “con” always had those horizontal slashes in front and back of “con” thus the -con- shown.

Some near-paleolithic ritual in that part of California greatly influenced by the Chicano culture of the time… the culture that led to the Brown Beret movement of the mid- to late 1960s and early 1970s.

The FBI tried to infiltrate the Brown Berets as they successfully did the Black Panthers whose founding locale was over the nearby hills in Oakland, California. (apparently eventually successfully but I heard the Brown Beret infrastructure knew who the infiltrators were and that the Berets misled them, feeding them false information).

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