Food Blogs For You

Hello herd, welcome back or just plain “welcome” if this is the first time you wandered into the   124,453,873,992,331st most popular food blog within the Web.

Today I am offering you links to other blogs that may assist you in your pursuit of dining Nirvana.

Let’s start with  Phoood

Reviewing the grub the masses dig into including fast food joint offerings and “comfort” food found in grocery stores.  Wander over and groove on the yummy stuff.


Then there is the site that declares they  put the ” ‘ew’ in product reviews… The Impulsive Buy

Similar to Phoood above this blog may assist you in what to munch upon.  And where. And, maybe, why.  The calories within the food assists the slender-challenged and likely those not challenged but doing what is needing to keep those immense rolls of blubber from draping the body.

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Spam Recipes that even an Old Coot can Cook

Spam Hacks: 12+ Things to Do with SPAM

Watch the slide show at the top of the page and/or scroll down and see the recipes there.



8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams


Lots of pics and text and comments.

Follow the “Read more here »” link at the bottom of each “slide” in the slide show for more information about each pizza place reviewed.

No chain pizza joints here.

All are individually owned in the New York City area but…. oh my… those pizzas look oh-so good!

Food-related Blogs

A huge number of food-related Web sites thrive within the Web.

Many are blogs.

For your viewing and reading pleasure I am listing a few of the ones I enjoy the most.

The following are Coot Approved for various reasons.

Considering that I am an Old Coot of the Disgruntled variety obtaining my endorsement can be considered akin to receiving an Oscar for acting.

Would a food-related blog receiving my endorsement be considered akin to receiving an Oscar? An Oscar Meyer Wiener endorsement?

Well, I can not use that trademarked name other than in jest but I suppose I can offer the blog owner(s), writers etc. a yummy Oscar Meyer wiener!

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