Eating Dead Cow



Beef: It’s What’s No Longer Affordable for Dinner


I have noticed the steady increase in food prices for a lengthy time. Up up up and… when a price does not rise the item on the shelf is in a smaller container. How much smaller will those soup cans become? If trends continue soup cans will be packed in 6-packs with three cans barely making enough soup to feed a small skinny person!!!

What are the masses of common folks going to do? The costs of the necessities keep going up. Then up some more.

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

The USA is the land of waddling blobs of blubber.

One in four young adults are too overweight to join the U.S. military

All I write in this post is about the USA.

Generally, it seems to be normal for folks to gain weight as they age.

The aging body slows down and does not burn as many calories as younger bodies do.

Less physical activity to burn off calories and, maybe, for some folks… boredom leads to increased eating.

Also, the drive to attract the opposite sex appears to slow or even stop so the desire to be physically attractive is reduced or disappears.

But for young folks to pile on pounds is sad… in my opinion.

Since I am the one writing my opinion trumps everything!!!

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Famine in Our Future. Oceans Fished Out.

Listen to USA politicians and candidates spew their self-serving froth.

Profit before anything and do whatever is needed to place as much profit as possible into the few greedy hands at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

But all is correct and proper in the USA!!!

Love it or leave it you commoner scum.

Obey the masters!!!

Even though the planet’s population keeps increasing and the food needed to stay alive is decreasing… well, the ruling masters will never go hungry!!!

It is you mere commoner scum who will hunger.

Who knows how many more will die from the inevitable world-wide famine that the number dying today in various parts of the world.

Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans.


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Excess Food Loving

I have met a few folks over the decades who declared they did not enjoy eating.

All of those people were thin.

That makes sense. If you eat just enough to stay alive and maintain a healthy weight those excess pounds will not cover your body with jiggly rolls of fat.

Then there is the other extreme; people who enjoy eating. Lots of eating. Eating a meal then eating another meal.

I have met and seen many more food-loving folks than those who obtain no pleasure in eating.

A happy medium is surely the best for health, appearance and economic reasons.

Looking at the many land-bound whales waddling across the land here atop the Ozark Plateau in southwest Missouri I wonder at the amount of money required to buy enough food to create then maintain those HUGE rolls and layers of lard.

I am guessing that I could eat for several months on the amount of food needed to support the waddling ones for but one month.

Though some people may debate me it is my opinion that life is better, more fun and satisfying, if a normal weight level is maintained.

There is also plenty of evidence that your health is better if a proper diet and wight level is maintained.

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A New Fast-Food World

Perhaps it is the mind-set of a shanty-dwelling Disgruntled Old Coot but that ice cream offering mentioned seems to be more of an act of desperation to garner additional discretionary income from a human herd generally experiencing an over-all lack of said funds.

What with folks spending money on Xmas gifts for self and others I ponder as to what extent wealth is diverted from the many fast-food joints.

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