Itty-Bitty Burger Joint

Howdy Herd,

My years spent criss-crossing the USA in a semi-truck gave me the opportunity to grab grub from many different types of eating joints. Perhaps the weirdest eating experience was at the fancy Italian restaurant where my “internal sensors” commenced clamoring “DANGER” the moment I sat down to dine.

My situational awareness has been honed by years of living in the rougher part of life that the blue-collar working-poor folks experience so often while the elites and their lackeys are able to avoid via wealth and societal position.

Observing the other diners (I was the only solo diner) and their garb I knew I was out of my realm but… that was not nearly enough to set off my internal alarms.

The joint had a door man and I talked to him outside after I left. He did not respond directly to my questions but he did hint around. Yes, my prior determination arrived at while eating was a reality. The place was Mafia owned and the clientèle included made-men, their guests and the general public who received gratification by being in the presence of Mob figures.

However, this revue is for a very small firm with but one outlet and it is extremely unlikely you will ever rub shoulders there with a member of La Costa Nostra.

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Casper’s Vittle Vending Folks

Being an outsider who has resided in Springfield a brief 5 years I review establishments without the bias that can occur when a firm is a large part of one’s life experiences.

Casper’s is “quaint,” in the manner I define the subjective-in-nature term but I have experienced quainter quaint in many other locales across the USA.

However, in regards to the general locale of the firm, the quaint applies and can be an attractor to some while being a negative aspect for others.

I have tried their fare several times during the period of my local residing in my shanty a few minutes drive from Casper’s. I give credit to the firm that parking has never been problematic with ample room to park.

There was always ample seating room. That may be true to my tendency to shun food firms during the rushes at typical vittles eating times.

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Past and Present Pizza Packaging

Today’s history lesson covers to-go pizzas from a brick-and-mortar pizza purveyor.

The pizza can be a baked to-go order with you, the customer, carrying your delight out the door and eating it wherever you eat your food.

Or the pizza may be delivered by a delivery person to your shack, tent, shanty or wherever an address exists to narrow down your location so the delivery dude or dudette can hand you the pizza. For my incarcerated visitors I do not believe pizzas can be delivered to jails, prisons, etc.

Do not be a cheapskate.

Tip the driver.

Many benefits from tipping that you may never be aware of.

A HUGE “Thanks!!!” to Scott Wiener for doing the research and posting this:

Scott’s Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Box

And the ever-reliable Wikipedia—> Pizza delivery

(pic courtesy of Valerio Capello)

Sad Day. Millions Weep. Entire World Mourns.

Me exaggerate?

Nay, I say!!!

As reported about at the incredibly awesome SFist news paper;

Iconic Chinatown Joint Sam Wo To Close

May the memory of Sam Wo and his firm endure until the sun no longer shines, the rivers stop flowing and the grass stops growing.

And politicians stop being lackey puppet lap-dog figureheads of their ruling-elite masters and corporate USA.