20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

Click on the link above and maybe the information and links offered there may assist you in grabbing locally grown or raised goodies. In my back-woods neck of the USA where we are at the end of the food supply line our grocery stores obtain the crappiest veggies I have seen anywhere. Bah!!!

And the prices are HIGH. There is a farmers’ market held in the local mall parking lot but the stuff there is way over-priced. And the quality is bad. I get the impression the local small farmers who sell at our farmers’ market are selling their best stuff to local high-quality restaurants or maybe have regular customers who stop by the farm to grab their stuff paying top-dollar for the “cream of the crop.”

Just guessing. There is something wrong with the local variety of farmers’ market since the other parts of the USA where I have lived the prices were lower than local grocery stores; not higher as they are here.

Maybe the links at the site referred to will help you out. Maybe not. At least you have something to go visit you may now have seen before.

Happy eating!!!




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