Food Viewing

Hello. How are you doing? Getting enough to eat? I sure hope so. Being hungry sucks. A little hunger is okay as long as it is not a regular event. Here in the USA there is no excuse for hunger for many reasons. I have noticed that local charities have had to expand their efforts thanks to the ongoing class war. The greedy scum vile filth at the upper level of the socioeconomic hierarchy upped their class war around 1972 and those greedy scum have been grabbing an ever-growing percentage of the national wealth ever since.

Skim the wealth that the masses of common folks create via their efforts then use the elite-owned propaganda systems to encourage those masses to give more to local charities to assist the downtrodden. What a racket!!! Akin to having the condemned person dig their own grave before they are executed.



I read a report recently that stated the super=rich have grabbed an even larger percentage of the national wealth. That means less wealth for those at the bottom to grab onto. Typically, it is fellow common folks who dig into their pockets to donate money or buy some extra food while shopping and donate to local charities to help feed the hungry.



I often read and hear those supporting the wealthy ruling masters and their ongoing scams and class war by mentioning that even the little people have a vested interest in the stock market. If you are in the working-poor category as I am how is your 2.5% share doing? Are you economically secure?

Oh well… just the same old routine seen across the planet. The overlords spitting upon the masses. At least we are not spit upon here in the USA as much as some folks in other countries are spit upon. Though spit upon less that does not excuse the vile scum who keep lording over We, the People and using their many systems to screw you, me and everybody we know.

Okay… now back to happier things. Let’s look at food!!!  Wheeeeee!!!!!

Follow the link below and feast your eyes upon a feast of:


Insatiable Burger Lust




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