Eating Dead Cow



Beef: It’s What’s No Longer Affordable for Dinner


I have noticed the steady increase in food prices for a lengthy time. Up up up and… when a price does not rise the item on the shelf is in a smaller container. How much smaller will those soup cans become? If trends continue soup cans will be packed in 6-packs with three cans barely making enough soup to feed a small skinny person!!!

What are the masses of common folks going to do? The costs of the necessities keep going up. Then up some more.

I have noticed how meat prices rise along with everything else that is edible… and inedible. Well, Televisions and other electronic devices have fallen in price over the years due in part to technological advances but the savings in some areas are not enough to make up for the ever-rising costs for life necessities.

I have always been a “hamburger person.”  Give me a delightful hamburger steak in yummy gravy and a pile of potatoes and I will burp in delight. And when done eating I will fill the air with the sound of joyful belches.

Perhaps due to advancing age I notice I fart more than I used to. Perhaps due to a decline in digestive efficiency. Anyway, let those farts also signal a happy and contented diner telling the world how satisfied I was with my meal.

From the linked-to article:


Long periods of drought in many parts of the United States have left ranches with their lowest cattle numbers since the 1950s, causing a dramatic increase in prices when combined with rising fuel costs and increased demand for beef in other parts of the world

Is there a possible benefit to that declaration?

Maybe the USA can begin altering the negative trade balance with other countries.  Currently the USA buys more stuff from other countries than what we sell to other countries. Thanks to those corporate big-wigs sending so many jobs outside the USA to make the few at the top even richer than they were before. Bastards.

But, viewed from a larger view it is better to sell more stuff than to buy. Charge top dollar for our dead cows and other critters and bring some money back to the USA. And tax the hell out of those few receiving that imported wealth and spread some food stamps around so the ever-growing number of hungry poor folks can ease those hunger pangs.

Doing that can assist in fending off a revolution by the growing masses of downtrodden folks, many who have received military training… unlike the majority of elite class bums, and who could send a world of hurt at those spitting upon the masses of common folks.




I am veering off the topic and entering my politics mode. That stuff is best viewed at my other blogs. Back to the vittles, folks.

Meat. Dead critter usually cooked in some way. Cow. Pig. Chicken. Rabbit. Horse. Dog.  DOG???!!!!!!  Hey, meat is meat and reeling in disgust at the thought of a dogburger is due to your being raised in an environment that views those mutts as a pet, a friend, a companion that you could never eat.

I propose that if you were hungry enough that Muffy would be cook and placed upon a bun, maybe with cheese added, to create a fine-tasting meal. A MuffyBurger!!!!  We likely will not being seeing a chain of fast-food MuffyBurger outlets due to the cultural norms within the USA.

In the Philippines I ate dog, cat, monkey, iguana and other meats. That meat was mainly texture since the sauce covering those morsels overwhelmed the meat’s natural taste.

I despise the taste of liver but when forced to eat it when a tyke under the old man’s domination ample dollops of A-1 sauce allowed me to swallow that foul-tasting organ meat.

I betcha’ a buck that liver would have tasted GREAT even without sauce if I had no food to eat the prior week or two.

The wealthy folks of the USA will never have any problem affording their vittles. Even the not-so-wealthy will eat well.

But what about those folks despised by the ruling elites; the masses of common folks that includes the working-poor and those below them on the pyramid-shaped socio-economic hierarchy?  I have not noticed anything close to mass starvation but I sure hear many complaints about food prices and folks discussing how to maximize the food amounts obtained with the limited bucks available.

People in my mostly semi-impoverished area are buying more basic foods and leaving the treats behind. And a “treat” in my use is anything other than a basic food  such as potatoes, noodles and anything that is on sale, a real sale with the item half-off or more.

I notice a lot of people peering ravenously at the cut-up dead cow i the meat section of the grocery store. They look awhile, lost in their dreams of better times when the meat was affordable, then they wander off and sigh as that 25-pound bag of potatoes held in storage for the prior year has, again, gone up in price.

Hey!!! Look!!! 75-cents off that box of Dead Critter Helper!!! Grabbing the box the first thing noticed is how small the box is now. Well, fewer noodles inside allows a smaller box that uses less cardboard thus reducing packaging costs for the manufacturer who can not send an even bigger bonus to the top-level executives who make far more in one year than a multitude of commoner earn from a life-time of labor. Well, back on the shelf it goes.

The masses of common folks live in a form of “free market” where economic laws apply that often have little to no effect upon those folks perched at the higher socio-economic levels.  So costs go up so demand goes down. When you have limited wealth that economic law slaps you in the face constantly.

Limited wealth and costs keep rising. What are you and I to do. Well, look at the bright side of things. There are many places across the planet where food is scarce and folks actually starve to death. That would really suck. Now that we have reminded ourselves to be grateful for what we have let’s ponder how to eat as divinely as possible with our dollars that continuously become less valuable.

Folks, many Americans are fat. Excess blubber weighing you down. If can not afford the calories needed to keep that excess wight on your body you may become a lithe, svelte, curvy or muscular creature that arouses lust and desire in others. Maybe that “new you” will lead to something that results in more income!!!!

That Miley Cyrus thing shook her non-lard-laden butt in the air to titillate and arouse the masses of brain-dead buffoons infesting the USA and that thing has a LOT more money than I ever will so… well… perhaps your newly-acquired buttocks will reap a dividend of dollars… if you are the type of person who allows themselves to behave as that Cyrus thing does. I do not want to be judgmental. My looking askance at that Miley creature is no different than folks screaming their anger when I mention making Muffy into a meal.

Back to take a peek at the linked-to article…..


“At the start of 2014, U.S. ranchers had 87.99 million head of cattle, the lowest total since 1951.”

If I was the writer of that article I would provide the estimated population of the USA in 1951 and 2014. Without that information I do not view the current cow population as very helpful.  Can we demand a recount of the cows? Is there a person or group of persons paid to wander the country counting the cows? What if two counters count the same herd twice, resulting in a larger cow population that what actually exists? Maybe there is an undercount and many millions of USA cows are cavorting across the pastures unknown, not missed due to the negligence of those counters.

The US Census Bureau determined that in 1950 150,697,361 humans infested the USA. Wasn’t the USA only 48 states at that time? Were USA citizens in Alaska and Hawaii counted? I checked and those two states were added in 1959. We are dealing in generalities here so exact numbers are not critical.

Google is such a handy thing to have at hand. Here we go:

When the clock strikes midnight and we move from 2013 into 2014 the United States population will have reached a new record of more than 317 million people, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

No wonder the damn streets and highways are so crowded and we are running out of places to bury our trash and that the fresh-water aquifers are becoming increasingly depleted and that parts of the USA are suffering potable water shortages and the myriad other problems associated by packing more and more and more people into an area remaining the same size.

Okay, I am terrible with math. How do we figure out the number of cows per person?

Using my awesome Hewlett-Packard 10B calculator I divided people by cows and it appears there are 3.6 things per other thing in 2014.

If I divide cows by people there are .28 something per the other thing.

Maybe logic will work. There are more people than cows so if the numbers of cows per human were equal it would be a 1:1 relationship. Moooooo

With more of us than those tasty critters then doesn’t logic declare the ration would be the higher number for humans and the smaller for cows?

My brain hurts. Damn that New Math the idiots infesting the educational bureaucracies of the 1960s tossed at us younguns’ required by law to attend school so that we could be properly indoctrinated to be obedient lackeys of our ruling masters and their appointed overlords. Damn them all to HELL.


Feel free to enlighten us by the comment area if my math is faulty.

Basically… 1/4 cow per human per year.

To obtain even more useful information I suppose the number of humans used in the equation should be reduced by the number of little kids still sucking upon whatever kids are sucking on nowadays to obtain nutrition. Wait until those munchkins clamor for a Clown burger or whatever before listing them as a cow consumer.

Then there are those who shun meat and murder plants for sustenance.  Those bastards!!!  Have you ever heard Carrot Juice is Murder by The Arrogant Worms? You haven’t!!! Well, it is a damn fine thing you dropped in and read this far. A BIG “thanks” to YouTube for allowing access to a thoroughly groovy tune:



Wait for the ad to finish. A small price to pay for this service:





Sniff. I can feel the plant’s pain. However, assuredly the plant’s pain is far less than that suffered by more complex creatures with advanced nervous systems so that should salve your inner turmoil regarding eating our plant friends.



What the hell was I writing about?  Oh… I recall mentioning expensive food. Oh, the article I viewed that compelled me to post is still up there on a browser tab. Gotta’ go look again.

More wonderful news, folks. Those of you with enough funds left over from your meager pay check, if you even have one, are getting what in interest? 1 percent? maybe less? Well, compare your savings interest with this:

we should get used to the idea that beef prices will keep soaring, perhaps at a rate of 7% or 8% per year.

Well, that’s typical. I remember various putrid scum vile lackey-of-their-elite-class-masters spewing publicly how you and everybody ales here at the bottom of the economic pile MUST save for retirement and that there is no security to be had via the Social Security system. Do you recall the lackey figurehead politician filth discussing privatizing Social Security and sending those funds taken out of your pay and sending it to Wall Street so you and I know by gut-feelings that the scum greedy filth running that place will skim much to all of the wealth and divert it to the already-wealthy. What a racket. What a scam. Yet so many folks are brainwashed into believing that as things are is correct and proper.

Love it or leave it!!!  USA WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!!!  “We’re number one.” A meaningless statement meant only to create emotion-laden thoughts with nary a trace of logic or rational thinking conveyed with that feel-good banality.

And that is how so many of We, the People are royally screwed… via our emotions and logic and intelligent rational thought left out of the equation.

Oh. Food is getting expensive and will continue to increase in price and for a large percentage of the population your income will lag.




Cut costs as much as possible. Limit meat consumption. I fear if prices keep rising I will eventually be forced to acquire some of my food by scavenging the dumpsters for tossed out but still edible food. If you are forced to do that search the Web for information about precautions to take. I have done so and know what to avoid and what to look for.

Also beware of adulterants that fiends can add to tossed-out food such as cleaning chemicals or actual lethal poisons!!!!! I doubt a firm would add poisons to thrown-out food but some mentally unbalanced vile scum might pass by and add a toxin unseen by others.

Just use great care if forced to forage for food.

But, if you are required to dig through dumpsters for your dinner do not fret for things are as they should be in the USA. Our elite-class beloved masters are doing extremely well and their armies of cohorts, minions and well-paid lackeys are not lacking any of life’s necessities and have access to far more than those basics.







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  1. djc says:

    You really are an old fart. LOL!

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