Tubby’s Diner


Tubby’s may be closed. Will drive by to inspect the place to ascertain if this is true. I hope not.

Tubby’s filled my tummy. That is quite an achievement!!!

I ordered the Tubby’s BIG Lumberjack Breakfast. I love bacon… YAY BACON!!! But as for slabs of ham… that’s okay but I like biscuits and gravy better and my lovely waitress said that substituting biscuits and gravy was fine.

I ordered the eggs over medium to ensure the whites were cooked and asked that the yolk remain mobile so I could sop it up with the toast and the hash browns.

Several types of bread to convert to toast are available. I chose the sourdough… yummy!!

The meal was prepared quickly and three plates full of food were placed in front of me. The bacon was the thick, meaty type I prefer over the super-thin barely-there bacon so many other places toss at you.

The sausage was an irregular-shaped patty suggesting that non-frozen formed-on-the-spot ground pork was used. Most places use that factory-formed frozen stuff that reveals its origin by its perfect round shape and flatness on both sides. The taste of my sausage at Tubby’s was a bit spicier than the frozen stuff thus, in my opinion, more flavorful along with being fresher.

Hooray for proper egg cooking!!! My three fried eggs were perfect!!! The yolk swam across the plate to caress the toast chunks and embraced the hash browns. And none of that hard stuff that often appears at the edge of the eggs.

Two big pancakes had their own plate and they almost covered the plate. Crisp on the outside yet soft inside. I wish I could cook pancakes and eggs like Tubby’s chef can cook. Maybe it requires a restaurant-type grille to cook a superior breakfast.


Hey!!!!!!!!!! That was a great breakfast and the folks working there are super friendly and that is why I included them on this blog. I should tell you where to find Tubbys!!!!

On historic Route 66 in the western half of Springfield, Missouri… 2204 West College Street (417) 501-9633

Open 7 days a week… that is every day!!! From 7 am to 8 pm.

Tubby’s Diner has a Face Book page showing pictures of the place, their menu and some of the folks who eat there. Even Santa Claus dropped in!!!

Tubby’s Diner Face Book


Look what I just found on their Face Book page:

Springfield MO area peeps… please remember & help spread the word that we are serving a FREE Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at Tubby’s Diner, 11am – 5pm… or until we run out of the 22 turkeys they cooked today Suggested donation of $2.99, but no one “has to” pay. Please share this especially with people you know who may be elderly, single parents, struggling financially, don’t have family, etc. All staff will be volunteering their time to serve our customers, and we wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Tubby’s is located at 2204 W College ~ 1/2 mi west of Kansas Expressway, on the south side of the road.


I added the bold to their message above. Dagnabbit!!!! I ate at home, alone, eating my lousy cooking when I could have had real food and good company. If I had known about that Thanksgiving affair I would have been there. I am not broke yet… though the future is uncertain for us old unemployed folks who are falling apart physically… but I would have gladly paid for myself and another person there just for well-cooked vittles and good company.

Tubby’s is not a corporate-owned chain restaurant. It is owned and operated by real people!!! Regular folks like you and I and the vast majority of folks around these parts!!!

Tubby’s has a lot of room inside so if you have a church group that gets together for an after-church meal consider visiting Tubbys. The back room holds 40 people and the front dining area holds 30… hmmmmm… by golly, that means 70 folks could gather for a darn good meal.

Of course, if other folks are already present and eating there may not be a place for some of you to sit!!!

So… I am just guessing but I bet 40 folks could pile in and start enjoying themselves with no worries about having a seat.

Next time I eat at Tubby’s Diner I will order a different item and will add it to this blog. Maybe on this page or maybe a separate page just for that new review. Until then… give Tubby’s a try and enjoy the food and the nice folks working there!!!

HEY!!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot to mention… Tubby’s has free Wi-Fi so you can go on the Web, do the e-mail thing and those other things you folks can do with those nifty portable electronic brain computer things!!!

That’s mighty handy for folks who want to eat a meal and still be able to get work stuff done.

Explore their FaceBook page for the latest menu items, specials offered and other information and a peek at the goings-on at a firm that is an institution to the neighborhood and Springfield, Missouri as a whole.

Improvements have been made to the College Street corridor which Tubby’s is located upon to make the street more attractive to tourists. College Street was once a part of the US Route 66 highway system. New tourist attractions are being built upon the street.

Drop by for mighty-fine vittles. y’all and explore College Street and other areas of interest in Springfield.



2 comments on “Tubby’s Diner

  1. Timothy Dasenrock says:

    I’m not sure how I made to this site, but I’m glad I did.

    Travelling to Branson several times a year takes me to the outskirts of East Springfield and now I have a reason to explore the town. Delicious food! I can hardly wait for my next trip to visit Tubby’s. And if it’s as good as you say, I owe you a meal out.

    (How’s the Chicken Fried Steak? It’s my mission to find the very best Chicken Fried Steak in the mid-west.)

    Thanks for the blog.


  2. obbop says:

    I hope you enjoy Tubby’s as much as I did. Along with the yummy food was the pleasant company offered by the workers and since I was eating between the breakfast and lunch rushes the chef was available to talk. I was impressed with the vittles and the chef’s pride in his food was obvious.

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