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Hello herd, welcome back or just plain “welcome” if this is the first time you wandered into the   124,453,873,992,331st most popular food blog within the Web.

Today I am offering you links to other blogs that may assist you in your pursuit of dining Nirvana.

Let’s start with  Phoood

Reviewing the grub the masses dig into including fast food joint offerings and “comfort” food found in grocery stores.  Wander over and groove on the yummy stuff.


Then there is the site that declares they  put the ” ‘ew’ in product reviews… The Impulsive Buy

Similar to Phoood above this blog may assist you in what to munch upon.  And where. And, maybe, why.  The calories within the food assists the slender-challenged and likely those not challenged but doing what is needing to keep those immense rolls of blubber from draping the body.

Fancy Fast Food is our next adventure into the world of vittles.  Go beyond the ordinary… make your typical run-of-the-mill fast-food trek into a pleasure cruise.  Explore the wonders of converting a plain McRib meal from McDonalds into a luxurious, scrumptious feast fit for your “Thanksribbing Dinner.”


Here’s a food blog less than a year old and it appears they are doing a fine job of covering the fast-food joint scene.  FastFoodSource  “Where happiness comes in a paper wrapper.”

So far, every blog has pics to accompany the text.  FastFoodSource appears to have taken a little extra effort to ensure the text is well-reinforced by the accompanying pictures.


You will hopefully quickly notice that some of the fast-food firms and grocery store product offerings are not available across the USA as some stuff is… such as the found-everywhere McDonalds.  Some firms are regional and some items in grocery stores do not make it to every area while some of those items are everywhere.  Some of the reviews make the goody being taste-tested sound so yummy I wish there was an outlet near me.  Remember that what tastes mighty-fine to one person can taste so-so to another taster.


Do you expect the most from your food-related blogs?  Sure you do!!! It is your right as an American to want, desire and lust for the finest that the universe has to offer!!!

And when you want a blog that not only includes a LOT of pictures but one that also has the nerve to boldly confront Oreo cookies in the grocery store and flip those little bastards the bird, the one-finger salute, then it is the duty of your fellow Americans to meet that need.

Fat Guy Food Blog covers grocery store foods and fast-food joint offerings.  Their review of the McDonalds BigMac and the Burger King comparable offering was an interesting read.  However, no middle-finger for those two goodies as with the Oreos.


oreo finger.

.In my Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion any blog flipping of any food item has got to be okay with me.


Finishing this entry we glance at that bodacious babe:  Junk Food Betty  “Junk food and fast food reviews. We eat it so you don’t have to!”

Betty has a few entries for fast food while concentrating mainly on edibles found in grocery stores.

I enjoyed how she reviewed some obscure items… the type I usually find within the cultural backwater I exist within at the local Big Lot and “dollar stores” where I am more apt to find that fare made and packaged in countries outside the USA.

When was the last time you read a review about the Chick-O-Stick?  Yeah, I thought so.  Well, Betty is the place to go to get one gal’s opinion about a candy I have not seen sold in years.

That reminds me,  it has been so damn long since I shoved a Rocky Road candy bar into my mouth.  I believe those goodies are made in California and are not shipped nation-wide.  And I’ll be damned if I trek 1,800 miles just to grab a damn candy bar… no matter how good they are!!!


Thus concludes the latest post in the 124,453,873,992,331st most popular food blog within the Web.




2 comments on “Food Blogs For You

  1. Timothy Dasenrock says:

    I’ve had to make a whole new file folder on my computer to hold all the delicious blogs you’ve listed. I hate/love you. Now, where’s my fork?

  2. obbop says:

    Some folks are foregoing forks and utilizing the spork… a true friend for the utensil-less

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