Eat for Existence, Eat for Health, Eat for Fun and Eat for the Joy of Eating!!!

The Foo Kee Chinese buffet departed the planet awhile back.

The sagging economy was surely a partial reason and perhaps the rent for the larger-than-needed building and its prime spot on a major thoroughfare eased the passing of the mighty-fine food I devoured there when it was open.

The building sat empty for several months.

Then, abruptly, looming upon the horizon I saw the new sign.

“American Buffet” the letters shouted out to me and everybody else who bothered to look away from the mobile electronic device their grasping paws were clutching and absorbing all their minute brainpower and awareness of self and surroundings; even many of the disgusting creatures driving their vehicles.

With immense sadness I drove past the new food provider in the building once housing the lamented Foo Kee.
Various economic and physical restrictions required my not pulling into the parking lot, prancing in and partaking of the vittles awaiting.

Many weeks passed and my infrequent treks to that part of town reminded me that a new outlet of the buffet type awaited.

Thoughts of past trips to other buffets entered my thoughts:




American Buffet is using a concept I have wondered why more buffets do not use; offering a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican and American-style food offerings.

Golden Corral, another local buffet (and other parts of the USA) does this variety of food-types affair but in a minimalistic manner with the main concentration on typical American-style foods.

I entered the American Buffet and headed for the two separate lengthy buffet tables.

Two wonderful lengthy purveyors of edible delight, the same as the Foo Kee Chinese buffet that lived there previously.

Changes have been made to the facility’s interior but the buffet tables themselves were excellent as they were so were left alone.

The pictures taken when Foo Kee was in operation are still relevant in many ways so feel free to click the link below for a peek at the past still partially applicable to the present:

Fine Food at Foo Kee Springfield Missouri

The food shown in the trays are Foo Kee offerings. I really enjoyed the food from Foo Kee and I also greedily gulped down American Buffet’s fare.

I could only chow down on a small number of the offerings since I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, can only eat a pittance of the vast quantities I used to be able to shovel in.

Knowing I have to enjoy today’s vastly smaller portions I eat slowly, savoring every yummy grinding up of the grub shoved into my mouth.

I always grab some mashed potatoes… a “universal” food for me since they go with everything.

I typically grab a few veggies such as green beans then add a dollop of taters and shove it into my mouth.

I often spear a chunk of meat and combine that morsel with some smashed taters. Yum.

I also eat those taters solo without combining them with other fare.


Then I saw the Salisbury Steak offering. You betcha’. Gotta eat one of those.

The meat was tasty; typical ground up cow and the accompanying gravy/sauce was also good and not overpowering as some sauces are. Is that done to hide the sub-par flavor of sub-par hamburger or ground beef or whatever the stuff is called in your area.

I ate two of those Salisbury’s and neither of them had any gristle or bone chips or other things found in ground up cow at times. That indicates to me the firm is using decent quality meat from a reputable source.

There was some shredded pork stuff I believe may have been baked. Quite tasty stuff.

I saw that there was a sushi section but I ignored that area since the “regular” buffet was fine to me.

The “Mongolian Grill” section was a carry-over from the past but I also ignored it with my attention devoted to the many offerings in front of me at those two buffet lines. I will peek at those two sections I ignored next visit and share what I saw.

I do not remember the names of the several Chinese-type foods I savored but the usual names were used for the Americanized versions of Chinese fare.

All were good to very good.

I reveled in the manner used to create their version of Crab Rangoon. The outer crispy-fried dough was minimalistic without the usual large “grasping areas” the dough offers while covering the gooey yumminess in the center.

The Rangoons were small in comparison to typical Rangoons but the creamy center was of typical size. The smaller amount of fried dough assists in cutting down a few calories while allowing the best part… in my opinion… the yummy center, to cascade your taste buds with drool-inducing desire for another… and another… okay, just 2 more since there other goodies to grab.

That’s enough for now you food eating folks.

I will return in the future and report back.



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