Inedible but Food Related

Hi Folks!!!

My liver quivers with unadulterated delight akin to sinking my real, original and fake, plastic teeth into a tasty chunk of food.

Well, not THAT much but your Disgruntled Old Coot in his shanty is still pleased that you made the trek to visit.

Or maybe you arrived by accident.

Anyway, since you are here it is time for:

Despite what the handy graphic declares the word tossed at you will not be weekly.

This momentous event may be a one-time occurrence.

Okay… pay attention. The word is:


“What the heck is ort?” I imagine the thronging crowds mumbling amongst themselves.

Maybe you already know the word’s meaning so good for you!!!

If not… you, too, can be among the few, the proud, the food eaters of the world who know the meaning by going ———>  HERE

Now go forth and impress the masses of unknowing cretins who have somehow been able to exist either unaware that word exists or if they did know of its existence had no idea of its meaning.


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