Too Much of a Good Thing?

The USA is the land of waddling blobs of blubber.

One in four young adults are too overweight to join the U.S. military

All I write in this post is about the USA.

Generally, it seems to be normal for folks to gain weight as they age.

The aging body slows down and does not burn as many calories as younger bodies do.

Less physical activity to burn off calories and, maybe, for some folks… boredom leads to increased eating.

Also, the drive to attract the opposite sex appears to slow or even stop so the desire to be physically attractive is reduced or disappears.

But for young folks to pile on pounds is sad… in my opinion.

Since I am the one writing my opinion trumps everything!!!

Life can be so much better if slim or at least not obese.

Especially so when young.

I consider “young” to be from ages 5 up to 40 or so in regards to this article.

It is a fine feeling to wear a bathing outfit and walk towards the swimming pool and jumping in with most to all the female eyes gazing at you with obvious lust emanating from their lithe luscious bodies.

Reverse the above for females approaching the pool and I just ignore the omnipresent “gay agenda” (live and let live… I will ignore you and you ignore me, okay?).

Participating in various sports and other physical activities is also more fun when thin for, to me, obvious reasons.

It is a fine feeling when you are one of the first picked for a team whether it is an organized event or just some folks gathering somewhere for a one-time event such as friends having a Saturday afternoon game of baseball, ultimate Frisbee or other fun thing to do.

Do not be the non-player due to being too darn’ fat or inability because of a lifetime of sitting on the sidelines.


“…healthy children are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults who can serve their country.


I adore food but encourage folks to savor those yummy edibles in reasonable amounts.

There are MANY positives to being at a normal weight and avoid too much lard weighing you down.

Eating too much can also be a budget breaker if you are one of the working-poor socio-economic class as I have been my entire life… from birth via parents to the age of 17 until today.

Ahhh… 17.

The age I officially became an adult, an emancipated minor, when I obeyed my implanted indoctrination placed there by the USA ruling-elite masters, corporate USA, special-interest groups, etc. and took the oath that made me part of the enforcement systems used by the ruling masters to enforce their will upon USA citizens and people and various entities across the world.



Obey the masters of the USA you filthy scum. The wealth flowing to our beloved masters and corporations must continue, or else. We have immense resources and power and the brainwashed commoners to enforce the masters will upon you. Well, as long as you do not have the ability to launch a nuclear barrage against us so we will fight-by-proxy in smaller, less powerful, foreign countries (picture taken on the way to South Vietnam).”


The military jumps with joy when they sucker in a young person since they are in their physical prime (barring various exceptions) and have been well-indoctrinated via acculturation, the mass media, educational systems, etc.

A “biggie” for my enlisting in the USA military was desperation due to a bad economy, no jobs and no real alternative. Another was the implanted belief that I would be defending the USA. So I enlisted at 17 and the military rejoiced.

Oh to be young again!!! I could run 5-miles at a steady pace and finish ready to run another 5-miles.

Agile, mobile and hostile. Grrrrrr!!!

Physically strong and, most importantly… brainwashed.

I was well-trained and adept with fists and feet, various hand-held weapons and crew-served weapons designed to eliminate Commie warships.



For the inevitable naysayers;  YES!!! There are times when the USA military performs necessary tasks and assists others in positive ways.

But as the years then decades passed and I became more informed of life realities and shed some of the life-long propaganda we are immersed within I realized that the USA’s powerful ruling elites use the military for their own agendas.

I thought that one reason for the USA military to exist was to defend the country from invasion.

The Navy conducted war games to train us to defend the country from outsiders wanting in.

Then the many millions of invaders from across the world with the vast majority invading across the southern border were allowed to invade and even encouraged to do so by various people and groups, including parts of our own governments from the federal to state and local levels.

I have several entries about the ongoing invasion of our once-sovereign county at the site linked to below:

Disgruntled Old Coot

Various military higher-ups are complaining about the too-large percentage of young Americans that are obese.

Military leaders: We’re still too fat to fight

So what are those well-indoctrinated lackeys of the ruling masters whining about?

An ongoing invasion of the USA is being ignored.

Corporate scum have the ability to send their wealth-creating entities to other countries so that wealth can be maximized even though masses of citizens are shoved face-down into an economic rut.

Congress continues to assist their corporate buddies by spitting upon us HUGE mass of common folks by importing foreign workers to fill jobs via several visa programs.

With a horde of good, decent citizens of all skill-types literally begging for work Congress and corporations drive down wages thus costs by importing workers.

Toss in the many millions of invaders who compete directly with the working-poor class and many unemployed folks and the supply/demand equation for labor has been artificially altered by the elites and their politician lap-dog lackeys to maximize wealth for those they believe to be deserving… those at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

So… the lackey scum whine that there are not enough able-bodied commoners to maintain the status quo so harmful to the HUGE mass of common folks such as you and I and our neighbors, co-workers, kin-folk and likely all we see daily.

Sure, if the USA was actually threatened and in peril… rush off to fight the enemy.

But since I fear that the military is often used wrongly and as an enforcement arm of greedy, self-centered scum at the top of the socio-economic pile I say EAT!!!

Eat and live your life but do so in a healthy way to maximize your pleasure.

Stay healthy for yourself and your loved ones… not to be a brainwashed buffoon used by others to maintain their lofty positions within society.

Let those foul fiends send their brats to fight their wars and maintain their foreign wealth sources along with the massive skimming of internal USA wealth created by the common folks that the parasitical vermin at the top of the hierarchy literally steal from the common folks that create the wealth!!!




Homeland Security Classifies Returning US Veterans as Potential Terrorist Threat

Makes sense to me.

I returned from my military duties with a new outlook then with ample reading and just living life I came to despise the federal government and various bureaucracies, institutions and systems that basically enslave the masses of citizens and skim much of the wealth you and I create.

There was outrage in Missouri when the masses learned that the federal government had sent a warning message to a Missouri bureaucracy… the highway patrol if I remember correctly.

I wonder why I am having so much trouble finding information about that well-publicized event?

Poking around the Web I found this from the so-called Department of Homeland Security that in too-many ways actually assists the ongoing invasion of the USA by foreign nationals!!!

Rest assured that your tax dollars will ensure the bureaucrat lackey Janet Napolitano will be well-rewarded with a pension far superior to what the typical private-sector worker will receive AND be well-rewarded by her ruling-class and corporate masters, all legally, when she departs het bureaucrat position.

“Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.”

Open or download the .pdf file at the link below:





What the main politician figurehead lackey of an earlier era thought about those commoners who died overseas obeying the orders of the ruler’s federal-level lackeys:


My fellow Americans (if you are an elite or one of their lackeys go find a hole to crawl in you scum vermin filth) please remember I am writing in generalities.

Thousands of book-sized pages would be required to even barely cover the topics within this entry.

I will conclude now with;

Eat drink and be merry but just to the extent you remain healthy and slim enough to fully enjoy the many delights in life and to fend off the negatives so common with being overweight.

All-out obesity; being a whale-like blubber bearing lardo is to be especially avoided.

Stay healthy but NOT for the benefit of those who will use you for their devious, greedy, often immoral and disgusting wants and desires.

Beware of the life-long brainwashing used to allow a very small minority of greedy filth using and abusing you.

With that, in the words of Mr. Spock reverberating through the galaxy’s 4 quadrants:

Live long and prosper.


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