Famine in Our Future. Oceans Fished Out.

Listen to USA politicians and candidates spew their self-serving froth.

Profit before anything and do whatever is needed to place as much profit as possible into the few greedy hands at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

But all is correct and proper in the USA!!!

Love it or leave it you commoner scum.

Obey the masters!!!

Even though the planet’s population keeps increasing and the food needed to stay alive is decreasing… well, the ruling masters will never go hungry!!!

It is you mere commoner scum who will hunger.

Who knows how many more will die from the inevitable world-wide famine that the number dying today in various parts of the world.

Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans.



Look at the canned tuna quality of the last few years.

Us old folks remember the higher quality of canned tuna in the past.

I also see the fish offered by various restaurants and fast-food joints that offer fish.

Back in the 1960s you could receive HUGE thick hunks of tasty fish.

The hunks offered nowadays are miniscule in comparison; revealing that the large fish of the past are disappearing and smaller, younger fish comprise the majority of today’s fishing fleets catch.


It is 2012 in the USA and numerous news stories tell of the impact upon food by the drought that hit the center part of the USA particularly hard.

Beef prices are expected to climb higher along with other foods using corn and other green growing things such as hay, soy beans, etc.

The food costs in grocery stores shock me and I do not see evidence of wage increases for the common folks, especially the working-poor socio-economic class.

Here atop the Ozark Plateau where many poor folks live  exist, the local food pantries and other entities that assist poor folks by handing out free food are experiencing a growing number of poor folks and a smaller amount of donations.

Will the time arrive when hungry people roam the streets, alleys, whatever and to fend off starvation attack others for money to buy food or steal others’ food in whatever method is needed to get the food?

Beware the people whose child cries due to hunger.

Famine within the USA could easily lead to some sort of insurrection or, perhaps, even a civil war that leads to the toppling of various governments.

Of course, the ruling-elite masters have the wealth to escape masses of desperate hungry folks.

Enjoy your food, folks.

The day may come when a meal is a treat and not taken for granted.

Especially if you are among the HUGE mass of commoner USA citizens who are not important as our ruling masters are.

The same socio-economic inequity exists across the planet.

The class system is the norm and bleating sheep humans, well-indoctrinated, allow the few to rule them, to control them and allow the organized ruling elites to skim massive amounts of wealth from them.



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