Excess Food Loving

I have met a few folks over the decades who declared they did not enjoy eating.

All of those people were thin.

That makes sense. If you eat just enough to stay alive and maintain a healthy weight those excess pounds will not cover your body with jiggly rolls of fat.

Then there is the other extreme; people who enjoy eating. Lots of eating. Eating a meal then eating another meal.

I have met and seen many more food-loving folks than those who obtain no pleasure in eating.

A happy medium is surely the best for health, appearance and economic reasons.

Looking at the many land-bound whales waddling across the land here atop the Ozark Plateau in southwest Missouri I wonder at the amount of money required to buy enough food to create then maintain those HUGE rolls and layers of lard.

I am guessing that I could eat for several months on the amount of food needed to support the waddling ones for but one month.

Though some people may debate me it is my opinion that life is better, more fun and satisfying, if a normal weight level is maintained.

There is also plenty of evidence that your health is better if a proper diet and wight level is maintained.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a list of the 10 states with the largest numbers of fat folks. Sadly, Missouri is number 10 but it appears that the non-dietary-deficient denizens are striving to amass the mass that will lead to this state being number 1 on the lard-laden scale.

I can hear in  my mind the proud proclamations as the fat folks gain more weight to pile on top of their already present lard rolls and new tubbos emerge…

We’re NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top 10 chubbiest states in the U.S. are, with the percentage of fat folks listed in descending order:

1.  Mississippi

2.  Louisiana

3.  West Virginia

4.  Alabama

5.  Michigan

6.  Oklahoma

7.  Arkansas

8.  Indiana

9.  Kentucky

10. Missouri

Click below to read the Web page sharing the above list and if time allows try reading the comments beneath the linked-to article.

What’s the Fattest State in America?

There are many possible reasons/causes of being a waddling tub of lard.

Here are a few of those—->  Hey Fatso!!!

How does somebody who adores food prevent from packing on excess pounds?

Easy!!! Eat only as many calories per time period as you burn via bodily processes in the same time period!!!

Simple in concept but what about practice?

Each individual circumstance is different.

There are 34,559,233,104,881 Web pages on the Web related to losing weight and/or maintaining a proper weight.

And more are added constantly.

You know how to use a search engine so use the dern’ thing.

Don’t expect me to enlighten you about everything!!!

I do enjoy a pile of mashed potatoes.

A major difference from past potato eating is I either greatly minimize or even omit using butter or margarine when making and then eating my beloved mashed taters.

I use the low-calorie margarine stuff and at minute amounts to minimize calories.

Try to do that with most or all your grub and those avoided calories add up.

There. Some free advice. I hope you are happy.

Study Suggests 10 New Obesity Causes

There are some interesting guesses that may explain why you are fat. Follow the link above and select one as an excuse for being a HUGE mass of quivering fat.

Here is an idea that just popped into my mind…

Lose weight by eating less and take that food you do not eat and donate it to your local food bank or other charity that assists folks needing food but can not afford to buy it.

Thanks to the greedy scum and their politician figurehead lackeys an increasing number of folks are entering poverty as an ever-increasing amount of the national wealth is sent upwards into the hands of the few atop the socio-economic hierarchy.

The USA IS in a class war and We, the People, the commoner folks of the USA are losing that battle.

So, help yourself and assist others by eating less and sharing with folks even skinnier than you.


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