Review of Packaged Grub I Cooked Myself

Hello hungry herd.

“Hi Old Coot!!!”

Today I opened the box of ready to cook grub bearing the name Banquet Homestyle Bakes Creamy Turkey & Stuffing.

If you follow the above link click on the “grocery” tab to the right of the “Frozen” tab.

Scroll down the linked-to page and look for “Homestyle Bakes Creamy Turkey.”

You can find nutrition information there and a link for finding the stuff in grocery stores.

Though simple for some to prepare I am the fellow who often just opens a can of condensed soup and eats it from the can with a purloined spork from Taco Smell (sic) that is kind enough to allow access to those sporks to stock my spork larder.

Slurping down a bowl of the Homestyle Bakes turkey and stuffing stuff provided little reaction within my ancient decrepit body other than the realization I was inputting calories to sustain what little life remains to me.

The stuff isn’t bad but my taste buds did not dance with delight, either.

I grabbed the stuff at the cheap store for $2.49.

I can only guess but I may have found the stuff tastier before the downward spiral of old age affected all my sensory organs.

My extra-large economy size gut instinct purrs to me that I would possibly have liked this grub a lot if I was decades younger back when my taste buds functioned better and my atrophied brain could do a better job of interpreting the incoming signals from my taste buds.

Various experts regarding experiencing a food’s taste state that our sense of smell works alongside those happy little taste buds lounging upon our tongues.

That is another area I am lacking in.

My schnozz doesn’t sniff as well as it used to and that portion of my decimated brain interpreting smell signals is likely working as well or less as my decayed logical thought processing.

Sure, go ahead and laugh. You may be an Old Coot yourself some day!!!

So, if you see the stuff on the grocery store shelf give it a try.

All I need to do is make the large pot of leftover Homestyle Bakes last through a week or so of dinners or a half-week of lunches and suppers due to the Old Coot being down and out, unemployed, hampered by multiple moderate to severe physical defects and looming ever-closer to relying upon dumpsters for all my meals.



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