People are Food Too

Humans eat various living things to survive.

Well, often we kill the once living thing then start eating it.

Turnabout is fair play.

Critters eat humans.

The Guinea Worm lives and grows inside us so they must be eating something while living in our bodies.

Sadly, a concentrated efforts is killing the Guinea Worm and it may be on the path for extinction!!!

Do your part. Assist in the efforts to prevent the extinction of this species!!!

The rare Guinea Worm faces extinction. Yet despite growing public support for environmentalism and preservation of endangered species, few people will speak out on the Guinea Worm’s behalf. In fact, the United Nations and several prominent U.S. agencies are leading a quiet campaign to eradicate this dwindling species forever from the planet. Is the Guinea Worm the world’s most endangered species?”

Save the date! August 7 is International Save the Guinea Worm Day!

Save the Guinea Worm Foundation


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