Salad Dressing Flavors

The grocery store shelves offer many types and flavors of salad dressing.

Have you ever wondered which ones are bought most often?

Me neither.

I look at calorie content first then think about which low calorie dressing will taste best.

I seldom consider what other people are buying when I make a purchasing decision.

Considering the ignorance of the huge herd of bleating USA citizen-sheep I wonder why any rational thinking non-sheep would give a moments reflection as to what the HUGE mass of ignorant, ill-educated buffoons are buying.

While the wise buyer will use their own judgement it can still be interesting to view general statistics, trends, etc. while making ones’ own buying decisions.

Our friends at The Food Channel recently posted an article titled:

Top Ten Most Popular Salad Dressing Flavors

1. Ranch Dressing

2. Vinaigrette

3. Caesar Dressing


You will have to follow the link to see the remaining 7 of the top 10.



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