Past and Present Pizza Packaging

Today’s history lesson covers to-go pizzas from a brick-and-mortar pizza purveyor.

The pizza can be a baked to-go order with you, the customer, carrying your delight out the door and eating it wherever you eat your food.

Or the pizza may be delivered by a delivery person to your shack, tent, shanty or wherever an address exists to narrow down your location so the delivery dude or dudette can hand you the pizza. For my incarcerated visitors I do not believe pizzas can be delivered to jails, prisons, etc.

Do not be a cheapskate.

Tip the driver.

Many benefits from tipping that you may never be aware of.

A HUGE “Thanks!!!” to Scott Wiener for doing the research and posting this:

Scott’s Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Box

And the ever-reliable Wikipedia—> Pizza delivery

(pic courtesy of Valerio Capello)


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