Sea Kittens

Ahoy ye land-lubbers and those who do float upon the sea for whatever reason.

Look down upon the waters and envision the finny critters below.

Many are edible.

Humans have mechanized fishing so that large numbers of undersea critters can be caught, processed in various ways, and sold to end consumers.

Folks are fed and wealth is spread around and the ruling masters can scrape their percentage of the wealth from the “top” to ensure that those atop the socio-economic hierarchy are wealthy and that their minions and cohorts are well-paid and are kept loyal and obedient via excellent health care and pensions set up so that the lackeys of the masters are well taken care of for life.

So many commoner scum vermin at the bottom of the hierarchy in the private sector of the economy… the part of USA society/economy that actually creates wealth, so often have no pension available or health benefits, etc.

Oh, perhaps a pittance via Social Security but with so many of the master’s politician lackey figureheads pushing for an end to Social Security so as to allow the masters to scrape off even more wealth and get an even bigger part of the money pile……

But… we are gathered to discuss sea kittens.

Yes! Sea kittens.

Huggable, lovable, cute and cuddly Sea Kittens.

PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Critters…uhhhh Animals) wants We, the People to re-name fish and start using sea kitten instead.

Not a sea kitten

Not a sea kitten

Not a sea kitten

Sea kitten portions who gave their lives to allow others to live. However, no Medal of Honor for their sacrifice.

Sea kitten processed into scaloni

Wondrous scaloni. Oh how I desire thee. Abalone and scallops squished so that both sea kitten-types are merged into a cookable whole.

So delicious!

Lightly breaded then fried is the cooking method used by the three different eatin’ places where I ate this oh-so GOOD digestible delight.

Those places were in California when I existed out there.


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