Scary Stuff

Cleaning your BBQ device or any cooking thing with a wire brush?

Be careful.

There are medical reports of folks proven to have required medical care to remove the small metal bristles from the wire brushes used to clean grilles such as the type commonly used on outside BBQ devices.

Any use of any type of wire brush or wire-containing contraption upon a food cooking device cries out for the cleaner to ensure NO small wires remain behind that can embed themselves in your food.

The medical care needed to remove a wire bristle from the body can be painful and extremely expensive!!! I believe that with bad luck an eaten wire could possibly even lead to death!!!

So, an ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure.

Be aware and take care. And warn other folks you know.

Learn from others’ mistakes.

Eeeeek!  I can visualize that cleaning method sending small wire bristles all over the place.


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