Ewwww! How Can you Eat That?!!!!

Bouncing around the Orient while in the military often leads to tasting various odd foodstuffs at least partially due to peer pressure.

Balut in the Philippines along with monkey and other goodies generally referred to as “mystery meat.”

Korea had weird vittles.

Heckaroni, every country over yonder had weird grub… even grubs for snacks, etc.

Interestingly, the varied spices and sauces were often the main or only taste source with the meat merely providing texture.

Some of the meat types are rarely mentioned by returning troops, sailors, etc. since the typical response from acculturated citizen-sheep simpletons whose knee-jerk implanted responses vary from “yuck” to “how disgusting” to inquiring about your sanity.

However, if one actually thinks rationally about the issue and omit emotionality so what if it is “man’s best friend” that is consumed?

Do you really expect the entire world to obey YOUR embedded thought process/acculturation?

Americans are so akin in a multitude of ways to humans across the planet.

However, let a famine strike this land of plenty and folks actually commence starving and REAL hunger hits home and some of that implanted vittles-type revulsion will likely disappear.

Just ask the Donners and those attending their party.

if you can find any.


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