A Pizza Essay (left upon a Houston, TX message board)

Good or excellent pizza is a very subjective affair and it is foolish to proclaim anybody’s opinion about this or that pizza or this or that pizza firm is “the best.”

I do want to mention that “great pizza” does not necessarily require that the pizza-type be a bizarre-to-many affair with rare or odd toppings.

Some studies indicate that across the USA pepperoni is the number one chosen topping.

Many cheese-types and blends of those cheese-types alter the taste along with the sauce-type and the spices used within.

Crust types vary in many ways; from how the crust is created to how it is formed to create a base for the pizza (thickness, etc) and the spices, if any, embedded within the crust.

Oh so MANY variables.

Regional difference exist with geographical areas tending/trending to offering the generally preferred pizza style for that area but the regional variations are generalities with the various pizza-types available pert-near everywhere.

Toppings also have regional variations.

In areas where Portuguese immigrants settled in sufficient numbers their local influence on local foodstuffs tended to be minimal but do exist to a small extent.

In northern California where Portuguese immigrants gathered awhile back local pizza joints almost universally within that area (is that an oxymoron?) offer crumbled linguicia as a pizza topping.


My current humble hovel is atop the Ozark Plateau.

No linguicia topping offered ’round these here parts.

Nary a trace of the stuff anywhere though it can be ordered on-line at a rather high cost when shipping is factored in, thus beyond an Old Coot Budget ™.

Anyway, if ever given the opportunity, try a linguicia topped pizza (crumbled is, in my Old Coot Opinion, the best though a very few pizza places on the fringe of the linguicia “area” only offer sliced linguicia; a distant second choice).

Happy hunting for “good” or “great” pizza you Houstonians (Houstonites? Houstoners?).

Pizza hunting can be fun and full of frivolity and joy and, at times, glee in large enough amounts to become giddy.

Share your findings with others.

The Web offers many opportunities to do so.

May your pizza searching be productive and pleasent.

And do not forget the take-and-bake style and the make-your-own within your shanty pizza!!!

Perhaps your own efforts may result in a new establishment, a locally owned pizza firm offering your own unique style to a drooling-with-desire-for-your-creation dining public!!!


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