Know Your Tortillas



As testament to their popularity, the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) estimates that Americans consumed approximately 85 billion tortillas in 2000 (not including tortilla chips).

Tortilla Industry Association Web site— Here

85 BILLION!!!!!  If true, no wonder there are so many lard-laden skinny-challenged folks waddling around.


What is a tortilla?

Technically it is a “…a thin, round, unleavened bread prepared from cornmeal or sometimes wheat flour…”  More—> Here

The tortilla can be used in many ways.

From its edible namesake, the yummy tortilla to tacos or enchiladas to chips and so many incredible edibles.


Picture by Ernesto Andrade

That burrito looks yummy!

Tacos by Paul Goyette

The folks who took the above pictures do not endorse this blog post or any post in this blog.

The history of the tortilla is an interesting story and Wikipedia covers the many aspects of its evolution at the tortilla entry—> Here

Tortillas are made from various ingredients.

Corn, wheat, flour and combinations of these.

Back in my Taco Bell days, the early 1980s, I had to be there before it opened and labor at preparing the various ingredients used to make many types of foods; all “Mexican”- style or what is nowadays often referred to as “Tex-Mex” food.

Tex-Mex is basically food types with an originating source from the present southwest USA and Mexico and areas below the present USA.

Go back far enough into history and similar foods were originally created by the original continent’s inhabitants generally referred to as Indians but some use other terms and that knowledge area is convoluted and complicated and let’s just come back to the present.

The last time I ate at the Golden Corral all-ye-can-eat buffet it was lunch time when with the Disgruntled Old Coot age-related discount I can eat there once in awhile and try to maximize my vegetable input for health reasons.

Veggies are expensive at the grocery store nowadays!!!

I wonder if the USA’s downtrodden, working poor, unemployed, etc. will be forced to regularly engage in dumpster diving just to be able to eat?

Local food banks, pantries and other charities are confronting shortages!!!


What happened to the USA I once knew?

Trillions of dollars for the ruling masters to force themselves upon people across the ocean but……

I’m sorry.

That stuff belongs in my other blogs but I just get so darn mad!!!

Oh, yeah. The buffet.

One of their offerings was cheese tortillas.

No meat inside. Likely to save money. But they were sure good!

I ate three despite knowing they conveyed a lot of calories but sometimes a guy just has to eat what is so yummy and make up for it later.

The tortillas were burrito-like but the tomato-based sauce require using a fork to eat them.

A soft tortilla shell surrounded the stuff inside.

I wasn’t sure of all the innards of those vittles but it was cheesy with a little bit of cheese on top.

Some of the sauce on top may have also been inside the tortilla.

Next time I can gather enough change I may return for more of those tortillas but I think I will head for the salad bar and add lettuce and other veggies to the top and make the tasty fellows a main course that also offers more nutritional goodies.

And, just a small dollop of sour cream. Just a tiny amount.

I do like spicy food and the salad bar has chili peppers to add or I hope they have them in stock and available.


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