Hungry for Hardees

Long live Hardees / Carl’s Junior for their advertising awesomeness!!!

There is a Hardee’s close to the shanty.

In the western and south-western sections of the USA Hardee’s are operating under the Carl’s Jr. name.

Find a Hardee’s here—-> Hardee’s Map

Here there be Carl’s Jr.—> Carl’s Jr. Map

The food is becoming more interesting. At least in this Old Coot’s eyes.

I suppose I need to watch more TV. Well, the following IS a Carl’s Jr. TV ad and I am currently in Hardee’s turf.

I do remember well the “fancy” burgers at Carl’s Jr. when I lived in their area and during the visits back in 2004 to 2007.

Good eatin’.  When it is time to splurge and toss out calorie and carb counts for ONE meal well…..

I believe that “common sense” will lead me to a trek to Golden Corral where I can maximize my dollar-per-food-unit expense and access a much larger vittles selection with access to many low-cal and low-carb vittles so as to reduce the “damage” to my diet.

At this very moment I had to fight the urge to splurge and head off for the Golden Corral Sunday breakfast where I could eat massive quantities of bacon and white gravy with hunks and chunks of meat within and scrambled eggs and various goodies such to pile the gravy upon and just the thought of eating the fare…

Oh YUM!!!!

Hardee’s history—>  Here

Carl’s Jr. history—>  Here

Curious folks and/or the history-minded (as is the Old Coot) may want to read about how these two firms came to be.

Looking at the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr on-line menus the differences and similarities appear. Though different names are used for some offerings they appear to be the same basic offering.

Perhaps regional differences and marketing decisions have led to some of these differences.

Hardee’s in the east has a larger breakfast menu and includes grits. I don’t see any grits on the Carl’s Jr menu but that is assuredly due to grits being more of a regional (southern states) food preference.

From the CKE Restaurants Web site, the folks who own and operate Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. is a handy locator map for their food outlets—>  HERE

The map is one of those oh-so-hand interactive maps to assist you in finding the closest to your shanty outlets or to assist you if planning a trip outside town and you want to know where to stop en-route grab some grub.

Your ever-helpful Old Coot grabbed a copy of the map for your viewing pleasure:

The outlets may be a bit sparse in the middle of the USA but so are the larger towns and cities.

But, with today’s modern freeway and highway systems it will not take you long to get from one yummy meal to another.

another handy map from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.

Looking at the map above I now realize the impetus for so many folks to move to the “sun belt.”

It is NOT to escape cold winters.  NO!!!

Leaving the New England area is not an escape but to get close to Hardee’s and/or Carl’s Jr. vittles!!!


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