“…a defining characteristic for mollusks, and a disportionately large gonad.”

That, I suppose, is an apt description of a California abalone.

Grab an abalone and a few scallops.

Mash them together and…



Scaloni waiting for cooking

“Sca”= the front part of the word “scallops.”

“Loni” = the rear part of “abalone.”

For whatever reason most folks convert the “e” to an “i.” resulting in the most common writing of the word that is used to label one of the finest seafood items I have ever eaten.

Yummy does not begin to convey the incredibly tasty taste when I chomp upon scaloni.

I betcha’ the birds would cry out for even the smallest nibbles of scaloni but, no way!!!

It’s mine… all MINE!!!

No sharing with anyone or anything when a plate of scaloni is set before me.

A homeless hungry waif approaches begging for even a mere bite to fend off the pangs of hunger?

Go look in the dumpster for a discarded potato peel you brat.

The scaloni is for me.

There are sources to buy scaloni both raw with the buyer doing the cooking or at one of too few restaurants where a scaloni meal can be bought.

Sadly, I am unable to find any local seller of either raw or cooked scaloni and with the cost for raw scaloni and the shipping cost (it needs special packaging and fast shipping since it is packed in dry ice to hopefully remain frozen during the lengthy trip from the coast to the middle of the continent.

Way out yonder in a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley is the hamlet of Patterson.

In the older part is Mil’s Bar & Grill.

There you can buy a delightful scaloni meal.

Lightly breaded and pan fried if my memory is right you get either 2 or 3 hunks of scaloni, a decent salad, warm bread on the side with whipped butter, a veggie and a baked potato.

I think you get a choice of potato-type and perhaps other types of side dishes but I always opted for the baked potato.

Butter and sour cream, etc. is available to liven it up.

What a mighty fine meal but even if it was just scaloni I would be thrilled.

The chef there always cooked that meal so well!!

Poke around the Web and you can find a few other places offering scaloni but I never ate those folk’s offerings but I have had Mil’s supremely yummylicious scaloni meal several time so I mention it here.

Please… please please please let me win the BIG lottery so I can afford to buy a RV for traveling comfort and head off for Patterson so I can sit in the booth and sate my HUGE desire to, again, eat my beloved scaloni.

A woman’s love and adoration does not begin to compare with a scaloni meal.



Grilled Scaloni burger. This and the next pic from Giovannis Fish Market where scaloni is sold and shipped along with other goodies from the sea.








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  1. You could go to Benji’s Basque Restaurant in Bakersfield CA. They have a great scaloni and you get the set up with it as well!

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