Break your Fast = Breakfast!!! Yum

The many delights of breakfast.

Once upon a time before dietary limitations forced me to greatly limit what I eat I would splurge and eat an oh-so yummy McD’s Bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit and savor every delicious bite.

Nothing complex about it but the combination was extremely yummy.

Another incredible edible was often sold for 99-cents depending upon location, or if a sale was going on so that the McDs typically charging more than 99-cents also allowed the yummy delight to please the Disgruntled Old Coot for 99-cents was/is the basic, simple and filling and tasty….

McDonald’s sausage biscuit.

Other fast-food joints have their sausage biscuit but for various reasons I am nudged towards the McD’s offering.

For 99-cents it is filling and warms me up on a chilly or cold morning and for its size is filling.

Every once in awhile, perhaps once a year, I splurge and munch on a beloved bacon-egg-cheese biscuit and around twice yearly for the sausage biscuit.

The once yearly casting aside the diet I nibble upon another McD’s breakfast goodie;

the awesomely delectable delight known as the sausage burrito.

I ate sausage burritos long before McDs sold them.

When working the California fields harvesting the USA’s foods some of the migrant workers supplemented their meager incomes selling various home-made food items.

One offering was the breakfast burrito Mexico style.

Real Mexican food as made by rural Mexicans who had entered the USA to work.

This was back in the “old days” when most of the entering workers headed for the fields instead of the vast majority nowadays who make their way to the cities and suburbs.

Memory tells me the typical price was a buck ($1) but that buck bought a BIG burrito!

The filling was similar to what is seen in the McD burrito above but so much bigger and spicier and the meat percentage of the filling was less with the ‘field burritos.”

In comparison the McD is smaller and not as spicy but both were/are mighty-fine eating.

And those typically older gals selling those “field burritos” were always friendly and grateful for all those buying their food.

The lunch-time burritos and enchiladas were sold in the fields from food stored in their cars that was kept warm by being well-wrapped in foil then stored in insulated containers.

Again, real Mexican food. And the ingredients were of the type that apparently food poisoning was not a problem as posed by some food-types.

A buck-per-item was again the usual asking price and the older gals were appreciative; for the money and when seeing that the eater enjoyed their food.

Just a reminder to the uninformed masses;

Various regulations at the federal and state levels allow those who are feeding the USA to labor for a full 60 hours per week before receiving overtime pay.

And forget any receiving health care benefits or pension or anything.

Whether the worker is a foreign national (illegal alien) or a USA citizen (and despite the putrid politician parasites proclaiming there are jobs USA citizens will not do…BAH!!!! I and others did them and, at times, forced out of the fields for various reasons and with us fearful of physical harm. The USA mass media will not report such incidents. Political correctness at work?).

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… breakfast. My favorite meal of the day? Maybe.

One fried egg sunny-side up. Not even any toast to sop up the yolk. Too plain for me. I must have toast or some other accompaniment. To minimize calories to the max… one egg plain is, I guess, the route to take.

I flip my eggs over and cook both sides.

Anything to get the temperature of the egg hopefully high enough to kill any bad germs that MAY be present. I also have trouble making my fried eggs “pretty.” I tend to get those “tough” edges that need to be cut off. I may be using a too-high cooking temperature but better that than not having an egg cooked enough to ensure it is safe!

Forced to alter and minimize food input I have mumbled and stumbled into the food preparation arena within the shanty and grabbed a banana. One banana. I peeled off the peep. A peel. Appeal.

If ripe the peel yields, revealing the fruit or whatever it is within.

Naked before me. Ready to be devoured.

Serving Size

1 medium (7 inches long)  Calories 110  Total Carbohydrates 25 grams.
Amounts vary upon soucre but the above appears to be close enough.
The carbs are a bit high but if but one banana is eaten that’s okay.
Our friend the banana
  That waffle looks good. Not a lot different     than a pancake in Old Coot Opinion ™.
To fend off calories I quit using butter or  margarine and settled for sugar-free syrup that uses fake sweeteners.
Very seldom do I eat waffles and when I do it is if the pre-made frozen ones are super-cheap on-sale at the grocery store.
Creamed chipped beef on toast. yum yum yum yum. Creamed any type of meat on almost anything. Mashed potatoes, pancakes, noodle… YUM!!!
Frequently offered at breakfast aboard the Navy warships I served aboard.
Typically concocted using left-over meat from the previous day’s lunch and/or dinner.
Assisted in minimizing waste and was mighty popular with much of the crew.

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