Linguicia Again

Northern California allows easier access to the, in my Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion, finest pizza topping EVER!!!

Crumbled linguicia.

Sliced linguicia is a distant second.

Oh how I miss my beloved linguicia.

Here atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau nary a linguicia-topped pizza is to be found.

Neither is there a source for ANY linguicia. A full raw or pre-cooked refrigerated or frozen sausage.

What with having been one of MILLIONS to be shoved face-down into an economic quagmire I have no funds to order my beloved linguicia from afar and have it shipped to me.



Unless local conditions change it appears I will remain linguicia-less for the rest of the few years (if that many) left to my mortal existence.


Linguicia-topped pizza.

Perhaps whatever, if any, after-life awaits my aging decrepit self will offer my longed-for, lusted-after, liver-quivering gustatory delight;

a cooked-just-right linguicia-topped pizza.

Do they have linguicia when you come from?

Gold Beach, OR – Sunset Family Pizza

The folks above have linguicia as a pizza topping!!!

(thanks to Burgers, Dogs & Pizza, Oh My!  for the menu pic)

(Thanks to New England Bites for the picture)

Above is a sliced linguicia-topped pizza. The next best pizza to a crumbled linguicia-topped pizza in a Disgruntled Old Coots Gustatory Opinion ™.

Linguica Pizza Recipe

Not quite a pizza but easily and quickly prepared at home using English muffins.

I wonder how to make one’s own crumbled-type linguicia? Cook it to a “bacon bits” type consistently then crumble it in some manner? I have seen linguicia sold as an entire uncooked sausage. Maybe in your area linguicia can be bought pre-sliced or your local butcher can slice it or maybe pre-cooked linguicia is available or whatever.


What I do know is the wonderfulness of a crumbled linguicia-topped pizza!!!

Others have their linguicia tales to tall——-> Linguica and Me

What’s linguicia got to do with it…do with it?




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