Linguicia Again

Northern California allows easier access to the, in my Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion, finest pizza topping EVER!!!

Crumbled linguicia.

Sliced linguicia is a distant second.

Oh how I miss my beloved linguicia.

Here atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau nary a linguicia-topped pizza is to be found.

Neither is there a source for ANY linguicia. A full raw or pre-cooked refrigerated or frozen sausage.

What with having been one of MILLIONS to be shoved face-down into an economic quagmire I have no funds to order my beloved linguicia from afar and have it shipped to me.



Unless local conditions change it appears I will remain linguicia-less for the rest of the few years (if that many) left to my mortal existence.


Linguicia-topped pizza.

Perhaps whatever, if any, after-life awaits my aging decrepit self will offer my longed-for, lusted-after, liver-quivering gustatory delight;

a cooked-just-right linguicia-topped pizza.

Do they have linguicia when you come from?

Gold Beach, OR – Sunset Family Pizza

The folks above have linguicia as a pizza topping!!!

(thanks to Burgers, Dogs & Pizza, Oh My!  for the menu pic)

(Thanks to New England Bites for the picture)

Above is a sliced linguicia-topped pizza. The next best pizza to a crumbled linguicia-topped pizza in a Disgruntled Old Coots Gustatory Opinion ™.

Linguica Pizza Recipe

Not quite a pizza but easily and quickly prepared at home using English muffins.

I wonder how to make one’s own crumbled-type linguicia? Cook it to a “bacon bits” type consistently then crumble it in some manner? I have seen linguicia sold as an entire uncooked sausage. Maybe in your area linguicia can be bought pre-sliced or your local butcher can slice it or maybe pre-cooked linguicia is available or whatever.


What I do know is the wonderfulness of a crumbled linguicia-topped pizza!!!

Others have their linguicia tales to tall——-> Linguica and Me

What’s linguicia got to do with it…do with it?

OH MY!!!!

I just stumbled upon a Web site also mentioning THEIR lust for crumbled-linguicia-topped pizza and those fine folks included a link to…

Linguica – Ground 1 lb

Shipping & Returns Shipping & Returns

Minimum Order $20.00

(A $10 “under order” fee will be added to any order below $20 (before adding carrier costs) to cover material and handling expenses)

1. We ship via UPS or USPS Priority (air)

2. We typically only ship on Mon or Tues to insure package arrives by Friday or Saturday.

3. Please Note: We are not responsible for delay in shipment due to weather, incorrect address, or unavailability of someone to accept the package.

If I win the Lottery or can marry one of those apparently proverbial “rich widow ladies” or somehow amass the discretionary wealth I would be able to order some pre-ground linguicia, buy the finest local cheese pizza then cook the pre-crumbled linguicia and pile it upon the pizza!!!

Huzzah ans hosanna!!!


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