Huge Shrimp

Yep,thems some biguns’ by golly.

Invasive Black Tiger Shrimp On the Rise in the Gulf of Mexico


Giant cannibal shrimp more than a FOOT long invade waters off Gulf Coast


If those critters from Asian waters find the Gulf of Mexico comfortable living and expand their numbers they may force out shrimpier shrimp.

Or, perhaps, hungry folks may be able to catch enough to curtail their numbers.

It may be a blessing for USA folks if these not-so-shrimpy shrimp become regularly available.

“Black tiger shrimp are delicious” according to the linked-to newspaper story.

It would be a time-saver to prepare a few biguns’ instead of a large number of smaller shrimp.

Tiger prawns have proven hardy and fast-growing, producing more pounds of shrimp per hectare of pond. Some shrimp farms are getting yields as high as 100 tons of shrimp per hectare per year—10 times the current average.” More here—> Click

Perhaps a new industry could be created within the USA. Black Tiger Shrimp farms!!!

Grown in the USA putting USA citizens to work and ensuring the critters are grown properly, environmentally friendly while making sure that only safe disease-free critters are sent to market.

I tend to shun foods packaged overseas. Frozen, in a can or whatever method they are packaged and sent to the USA.

I do not trust food that has been readied for market overseas then shipped for sale within the USA.

Especially any foods that must be kept refrigerated or frozen to prevent the growth of bacteria.

I also shun vegetables grown outside the USA; we have enough problems with veggies grown inside the USA!!!

Remember to wash/rinse all your fresh produce!

And consider small-scale locally grown veggies along with having your own garden if possible.

It can be a real money-saver and goodies from your own garden can be so very yummy.

Pick at the peak of ripeness… unlike the typical stuff at grocery stores and even hard-to-find, at times, at local farmer’s market affairs.

If you can, try fresh broccoli picked when at the peak of its ripeness. Super Yummy!!!


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