Pizza Types

Pizza “types” requires mentioning.

Yes, there IS grocery-store-bought and pizza-joint-bought and this and that city’s “style” of pizza and surely other methods of sorting out that which is pizza.

Well, the Disgruntled One will attempt to include ALL of the multitude of styles and varieties and I hope Wiki assists my efforts.

(Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margherita taken by Valerio Capello on September 6th 2005 in a pizzeria (“I Decumani”) located on the Via dei Tribunali in Naples.)

(Home-made pizza pic by Tommy2010)

St. Louis-style pizza

I tried this style in Springfield, Missouri and was not impressed and have no desire for a repeat eating episode. To each his/her own preference!!

California-style pizza

As mentioned on Wiki the California style (my home state) typically has “non-traditional” toppings. At one time, pineapple on top was considered “revolutionary.”

One fine memory I have of a fine topping is linguicia offered as a topping, found at some California pizza outlets.

A regional variation due to the presence of Portuguese immigrants from the past.

I embraced the crumbled linguicia.

“Gimme’ a medium linguicia with light sauce.” Seldom was the linguicia offered in a sliced linguicia-type akin to sliced pepperoni but I did come across a pizza joint in Nevada east of Reno that only had sliced linguicia and I did not enjoy that version nearly as much as the crumbled linguicia style.

As for “California style” in general? No thanks.

Chicago-style pizza

“The term also refers to “stuffed” pizza, another Chicago style. While in Chicago most pizzerias serve thin-crust pizza, generally in a style characteristic to the city, the term Chicago-style pizza is used to describe this deep-dish style of pizza.”

Okay, everybody meet out back and commence brawling until it is decided just what a Chicago-style pizza actually is.

That seems to me to be the “Chicago way” of settling affairs.

Is it possible that St. Valentine’s Day massacre of the past was an argument over what a Chicago-style pizza really is?

New Haven-style pizza

Interesting local area pizza-type that appears to be spreading a little but it doesn’t sound familiar to me.

New York-style pizza

Could this style be the most “traditional” pizza style in the USA? New York City was a main portal for incoming Italian immigrants in the days of the “Ellis Island” immigration era.

Sicilian pizza

Unlike the more familiar Neapolitan pizza, it is typically square, with more dough, sauce and cheese.

In the United States, a Sicilian pizza is typically a square pie with dough over an inch thick.

I am in no position to argue those exclamations.

Detroit-style pizza

“…baked, not in a pizza pan, but an industrial parts tray.”

Try that outside Detroit and watch the non-blue-collar wimps whimper and squeal their outrage.

Real men want 30-weight oil adding its flavor, I suppose.

Take and Bake

Buy from a grocery store or a free-standing pizza outlet. A pre-made but uncooked pizza that you cook in your own oven.

Some declare a microwave can be used but results are variable. I prefer using a non-microwave oven.

Hawaiian pizza

Despite its name, Hawaiian pizza is not a Hawaiian invention

I suppose the debate can be made that “Hawaiian style” can refer more to topping type than an actual “style” of pizza but Wiki did give it its own page so here it is also.

Greek pizza

One usage refers to a pizza with typically (or stereotypically) Greek ingredients as toppings.

 The other usage refers to a style of pizza crust rather than its toppings.”

Mexican pizza

Old Coot Opinion is that rather than any particular “style” this is akin to “Hawaiian pizza”that is  more accurately a reference to the toppings used.

Over the years I have seen this pizza sold in many ways at many places with some sort of meat or meats and some chili peppers or whatever included to spice it up a bit.

It would be easy to convert any type or style of pizza to a “Mexican style” I suppose by adding some type of chili or chili powder or sauce or whatever.

Pizza strips

Not quite a pizza but more than a “pizza roll”?

Pizza Rolls

Totino’s and Jeno’s brand…the only manufacturer of the pizza rolls as well.

Grilled pizza

Hmmmmmmmm. Have to try it some day. Perhaps.

Tomato pie

New title to me but might be handy for a new business start-up trying to differentiate itself from the huge herd of existing pizza joints.

Deep Dish   (scroll down)

Stuffed        (scroll down)

Pan               (scroll down)

Thin Crust  (scroll down)

Frozen sold-in-grocery-store brands

365 Mediterranean


California Pizza Kitchen


Culinary Circle



Dr. Oetker


Home Run Inn


Kirkland (Costco)

Mamma Mia’s

MaMa Rosa’s



Red Baron



Tree Tavern

Weight Watchers

Pizza Toppings

Just a general list of common toppings. Yes, pepperoni IS a “sausage” but is commonly listed separately on a pizza menu while the separate “sausage” offering is often a hard-to-identify small hunk of presumably pork that looks much akin to a small chunk of cooked hamburger.

Vegetables are also easy to add. To save money consider omitting olives and/or mushrooms, etc. especially if those items are considered to an “extra” topping and are considered when figuring the out-the-door price of your pizza.

It may be cheaper to use store-bought veggies and add your own.

Spices not listed since there are so many used by those making the pizza or the sauce used upon it. It is also very easy to add your own spice(s) even if the pizza is not reheated.

I often add more garlic and, at times, oregano.

I left out desert-style pizzas due to the HUGE variety of toppings that could be used on those often yummy concoctions.

Anchovy (or other types of fish but are not as common)


Canadian Bacon

Cheddar cheese

Cheese (in general, many types)

Chicken (many sub-types)

Goat Cheese


Hamburger (beef)

Linguicia     (my favorite pizza topping)

Monterey Jack cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Mushrooms (many types)


Onion (many types)


Peppers (various types)


Provolone cheese

Sausage (various types)


Tomato (many types. Roma-type has some advantages)

Pizza – History & Legends of Pizza

Click the link above for some interesting pizza history

Crust Types

Hand Tossed






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