Old Coot Cooking Tip

I use a GE electric griddle.

It is a BIG device and can cook a lot of bacon.

Over the years a frequent problem I faced was the bacon curling up at the ends or  “fat pockets” rising up in the middle leaving areas on most to all bacon slices uncooked or only partially cooked.

I solved that problem after getting that BIG electric griddle.

Grabbing a hunk of 1/2-inch thick plywood I cut it to be slightly smaller than the griddles cooking surface.

After putting the bacon slices on the griddle I cover them with aluminum foil so the bacon is covered then place the plywood on top of the foil.

The weight keeps the bacon flat, eliminating the curling and keeping the whole bacon piece in contact with the griddle.

The cooking time is less so you need to keep an eye on the process.

With practice I know roughly how long the cooking time is and the smell of the cooking then cooked bacon is a rough guide to when the bacon is cooked to my preferred level.

I relish “chewier” non-crispy bacon and, luckily, all I have to do is lift the board then the aluminum foil and peek and/or poke at the revealed delight.

Works well for me though since first writing this I have cut my bacon consumption by around 800 per cent for calorie and health reasons.

Old age sucks.


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