A New Fast-Food World

Perhaps it is the mind-set of a shanty-dwelling Disgruntled Old Coot but that ice cream offering mentioned seems to be more of an act of desperation to garner additional discretionary income from a human herd generally experiencing an over-all lack of said funds.

What with folks spending money on Xmas gifts for self and others I ponder as to what extent wealth is diverted from the many fast-food joints.

Locally, here in the cultural backwater of fly-over country amidst the hills and hollers I notice a growing number of empty store fronts, stand-alone small businesses and within the many small strip malls and most of those closures are locally owned and operated firms of all types with an ample number being food outlets.

Some were single outlets; truly local firms with some being locally-owned and operated multi-outlet firms.

Around 8 months ago when I noticed the nearby new single outlet Mexican restaurant opening up in the empty small building not immersed within a strip mall-type locale I just KNEW they were doomed to failure for various reasons.

Lack of capitalization likely as indicated by non-professional signage etc. and the locale increasing poverty rates also a likely factor along with many other factors.

I view what appears to be a flood of new offerings by the BIG entrenched fast-food joints from McDs to Arbys to BK and MANY others to be an indicator of desperation to grab what is likely a decrease of income.

Now is the time to decrease overhead!!!!

A dollar’s extra sales has costs involved thus the extra buck income has what? 95-cents of overhead?

Save a dollar in operating costs and that entire dollar is profit… or almost all… variables involved.

The smart fast-food joint(s) will alter menus to a minimum and concentrate upon their core money-makers and make them taste so yummy that those who do buy the fare would not envision not spending/eating those yummies.


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