Inexpensive Eating

McDonald’s Dollar Menu McDouble

Two small semi-slabs of cooked cow with one cheese slice residing between them.

Condiments include a pickle pair, ketchup, mustard and some really chopped up onion.

And a burger bun. A top and bottom bun. I like buns. Yep.

A buck burger hereabouts. local sales tax adds six-cents to the total cost.

Fine dining for some.

A BIG “Thanks” to Brand Eating for this picture:

(Pic from Brand Eating)

I was pleased with the comment I wrote at the article written at Brand Eating about the McDonald’s “buck burger” and decided to also place it here:



For the price it is a bargain in many ways I gurgle to myself.

And a boon to panhandlers who can declare to passersby “Gotta’ buck for a burger, Bro?”

Of course, if residing in an area that taxes food, a requirement of life itself (pay up or die, ye lowly vermin) you need to procure additional funds beyond that buck.

Some locales only tax certain foods such as foods already prepared, ready-to-eat at the moment, while grocery store food is typically not taxed but that is a bias against the shantyless…. a declaration that the homeless with their lack of food storage and preparation resources are unwelcome and should just move along.

Anyway, whatever the many social significances to be found within McD’s buck burger it is a tough act to follow.

I assume McDs is using their mass purchasing power to procure the vittle’s ingredients that either allot a small profit to the firm OR allow vending at a break-even point OR to result in a small loss with the goal to draw in human herd members who will order additional vittles that DO allow a profit.

Fries, refreshing carbonated beverages and higher-priced fare such as Cluck McNuggets result in profit. Depending upon the fare HUGE profits!

Fries are cheap to keep, cook and sell and rake in the dough.

The typical sandwich at McD is oozing profit.

Sure, overhead is ever-present with even minimum wage and attendant other employee costs from worker’s comp to meeting intrusive government-required paperwork costs, accounting costs to meet the numerous taxation methods to utilities and… and… and….


The USA needs to make life easier for firms to begin and exist and watch innumerable folks start up new firms and hire hire hire and hire even more folks out of work.

Our own greedy ever-intrusive government is the greatest impediment to new-job creation than ANY other force!!!!!

Imagine, all the above growling from but one burger-type.

Before the self-imposed isolation from burgerdom I was a frequent flyer/buyer from the one-buck section of the posted menu at McD and other burger joints.

I considered the double McD burger as one of the top choices considering the product amount obtained for the price paid.

believe Burger King removed their most lusted-for buck burger. Didn’t they, too, have a double buck burger or was it $1.25 for their larger-than-the-McD burger for a wee bit more?

Wendys had some decent value menu fare and I wandered from firm-to-firm ordering various buck or so per item fare “back in the day.”

But, in this present era of maximized veggie eating with grabbing the most lusted-for fare a rarity, it has been many months since I drooled in delight with every bite of a greasy McD buck double.

I believe it is drawing close to the time to allow myself the joy of nibbling upon a McD buck-double.

Nibbling to lengthen the time required to slooooowly input the critter.

Perhaps, maybe….. could I? Should I?

Order TWO and make it a truly wondrous oh-so-special delightful event?


On the other hand, if I am to cast aside my dietary restrictions for one meal… should I perhaps create a heaping mound of mashed potatoes and mix in some green beans and grab a pack of brown gravy powder, add a cup of water to create the ensuing okay gravy and revel in that?

Such are the tough decisions facing a Disgruntled Old Coot in a shanty atop the Ozark Plateau.


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