Food-related Blogs

A huge number of food-related Web sites thrive within the Web.

Many are blogs.

For your viewing and reading pleasure I am listing a few of the ones I enjoy the most.

The following are Coot Approved for various reasons.

Considering that I am an Old Coot of the Disgruntled variety obtaining my endorsement can be considered akin to receiving an Oscar for acting.

Would a food-related blog receiving my endorsement be considered akin to receiving an Oscar? An Oscar Meyer Wiener endorsement?

Well, I can not use that trademarked name other than in jest but I suppose I can offer the blog owner(s), writers etc. a yummy Oscar Meyer wiener!


Covering a large variety of edibles Brand Eating is a regular stop for the Disgruntled One.

There are many pictures of the food items written about that includes the actual eating of the foods covered; as it should be.

(So good!! Fish and chips. Yummy. Sadly, in general, the quality of fish used has declined from the fish used a few decades ago due to over-fishing)

Grub Grade is another food blog that includes pictures and reviews and tends to receive many comment posts.

Comments can be quite interesting and enhance a blog but consider blogs with fewer comments, also.

Fewer comments can be good since if you decide to make a comment it will “stick out” more and not be “lost in the shuffle:” just one of many other comments immersed in a flood of comments.

(A basic cheeseburger with minimal condiments but may be worthy of maximum compliments)

Foodette Reviews is worth a look.

I enjoy the unique writing style.

“…(name omitted) bested me. I was defeated. I was scared. I was swayed by the promise of exoticism and for that, I have paid with the ultimate price: my soul. It was horrifying. If I were to go back, it would only to be to torch the wretched mess and never look back. I’ve paid my dues.”

Ample chuckles to be had in my seldom humble Old Coot Opinion ™.

(Incredible edible egg fried sunny side up. My fried eggs tend to get that hard “crusty” stuff around the edges. Can’t figure out why)

So Good is a fun place to visit.

It has a unique well-conceived idea with frequent use of polls visitors can vote in without a ned for registering or any impediments to involvement.

It is nifty being able to view the results and those seem to encourage commenting.

Make sure you visit Me so Hungry

There are reasons for visiting but I do not feel a need to convince you to visit the blog.

Not when if you scroll down you get the opportunity to watch the dead dancing squid that is awaiting to be eaten.

Bon appetite.


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