BBQ Cook-off Finley River Park Ozark Missouri

A hot humid Saturday and I needed to escape the shanty for awhile.

Off to the Mart-of-the-Wal to buy a zero-calorie beverage, a news paper and a banana.

Sitting in the parking lot, peering at the paper, admiring then eating my banana an idea struck.

Go grab some pictures of Finley Park in Ozark, Missouri and make a new blog entry.

So off I go to Ozark. A few miles south of Springfield.

Hey! Something’s going on I wasn’t expecting.

It was a BBQ  cook-off.

Luckily there were ample shade trees and a breeze to assist in making that HOT day bearable.

Oh, the event coincided with the Christian County fair I will show in a different post.

I had some computer woes so was delayed in creating this post.

Several interviews were involved with pictures of the participants.

I will try to be as accurate as my notes and memory allow

My apologies to all the cooks and teams involved for any errors made.

The first contestant was Jeff Campbell of Bodines. He runs a mobile BBQ out of Ozark, Missouri.

Here’s Jeff holding his self-made BBQ sauce.  I was allowed to lick the spoon (no double-dipping allowed) and it was mighty tasty. And the smell of goodies cooking in the smoker/baker/whatever the pros call it behind him was a constant reminder my only food up that time (around 1 PM) was one banana.


Jeff has a FaceBook entry with a large number of nifty pics. Check it out.

The next visit was to Robert Kinder’s Yellow Jacket BBQ who also has a Face Book presence.

Opening the cooker cover we get to see the source of what smelled so good:

I am glad I didn’t have to judge the event.  The whole area smelled mighty fine!

Moving along a new smell wrapped around me.

Well, it’s Big Country BBQ time.

I liked their BIG sign.  As with the other groups visited this was a friendly bunch who also were sending drool-inducing aromas into the area.

The delay between visiting the BBQ cook-off and creating this post and my inadequate notes has been troublesome.

Also, I know I took more pictures than what came up when I plugged the little memory card into my computer. Darn.

I KNOW I had pics of a group with two names but I do not see them.

The following pictures are hopefully labeled correctly.  I apologize in advance for any errors I make.

I believe the following picture is of a couple folks who created the Southwest Missouri BBQ Association (SWMO).

I believe the following is the Big Bee’s BBQ bunch:

Using the “elimination process” and my inadequate notes the following SHOULD be the Fowl Mood Rib Dude.

If my notes are correct it is the pictures of the Cast Iron Catering crew that are missing. Sorry about that!

It was fun talking with the contestants. I believe future Ozark BBQ cook-offs will attempt to occur alongside the Christian County Missouri fair.

The Ozark  area is not a major city. Its events tend to be more of a traditional small-town affair with ample parking and no HUGE crowds but is lots of fun with many friendly folks.

Drop in if you can!


Amidst the piles of papers on my overladen desk  I found some stuff.

Reverse side.

I have decided to omit the contest results.

I apologize for my inability to perform such a simple task as recording the results.

The doc does have me on a new medication in an attempt to fix my dern’ feet and it makes some simple things tough to do.

Or is it just old age hitting me, causing brain befuddlement?

Whatever… my apologies to the all the folks who worked so hard in competing.

I DID have a great time visiting the contestants and encourage all who can to do so next year.

I will keep an open eye and when I see the notifications, announcements and if I am still trodding upon the Earth a notice will be placed to assist in spreading the word.


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