Foods I CRAVE but now avoid

My heart cries out for these gustatory delights:

Gravy with hunks of meat in it atop almost anything; biscuits, potatoes, pancakes, whatever.

Pancakes, even without butter and/or syrup

Those tater-tot-type critters; the name brand or generic equivalents. These are also fine devices to hold gravy with or without hunks of meat within.

Oh how I miss these yummylicious delights but, wait, there’s mire.

Bacon. Bacon I miss thee. Not the too-crispy chunky stuff. I prefer the chewier style. Piles of bacon. Heaps of bacon.

Fried chicken. White or dark meat. Gimme’ the type with minimal breading but even that is off-limits. Made the way the small independent grocery store deli I worked in made it. Finger, hand, forearm even elbow-tasting good.

Fish and chips. Or fried fish. Or the chips. Neither is allowed. With extreme fond remembrance i recall the superior offering of the 1960s and early 1970s from London Fish and Chips. Huge hunks of fish; often several inches thick. The breading not too thick. Fried to perfection. Back before so many of the ocean’s fish stocks were over-fished. I believe cod was used. So mighty fine compared to what is typically available today but the goodness of the past is unavailable yet as with today’s offerings unallowable.

Mashed potatoes. With or without gravy or any other desirable topping such as gravy with meat hunks. Or butter, margarine or whatever. Pi;es of potatoes, whatever style. Mashed, scalloped, baked, au gratin, ANY style.  No more potatoes.  I cry. Sob and moan. Sniff/

Another potato pile. Isn’t it pretty?

Burritos. Or tacos. Not so much many of its components but it appears it is the wrapper that conveys so many of the carbohydrates though rice is carb-laden as are beans. Oh my… a properly prepared burrito is so yummy.

Chilidogs. Both the bun and the chili scream out “eat me” but I am forced to ignore the cry. The quality of the chili and hot dog are important. Sub-par ingredients results in a sub-par offering. Such a basic simple food demanding high-quality ingredients. Add a horde of chopped raw onions for true pleasure. A little good BBQ sauce mixed in with the chili can add extra goodness but the best BBQ sauce has too much high-fructose corn syrup that is on my “stay away” list.

French fries is on the general potato list but… oh how I miss crinkle-cut fries. Properly prepared the taters are such a delight to accompany a cheeseburger. A burger on a sourdough roll with lettuce, onion, mayo or its equivalent such as thousand island dressing (the typical “secret sauce”) or whatever I deem acceptable. Also good are steak fries.

Drool. DROOL. Drool some more.

Lumpia. The Philippine form of “Chinese egg roll” or the smaller “spring roll.”  The very best I shoved into my mouth by the plate-full was at an Olongapo, Philippines restaurant just outside the Subic Bay naval station; on the right in the first block on the way out of the base. Sadly, every lumpia I have had within the USA has been sub-par in comparison.

Pizza. Every type, style, whatever typical format. Again, it is the crust, the bread-like stuff, that pushes me away. High-carb and high in calories due to the bread and cheese. The best topping in the world is crumbled linguicia; a Portuguese sausage. Many parts of the USA do not offer linguicia on pizza or anywhere, even as a full complete sausage. It is mainly where Portuguese folks settled within the USA where linguicia can be found.

Other goodies I have to shun are macaroni and cheese and noodles in general. High in calories and carbohydrates. Have you ever boiled a pile of noodles and slathered it with butter and garlic and oregano and other spices that you like? Good stuff and cheap!!! A BIG positive in today’s era with so much money being funneled upwards into the greedy grasping claws of the elites, the few atop the socio-economic hierarchy and the immensely powerful corporate structures that virtually own the supreme court. Us mere commoners MUST eat cheap but, sadly, doing so too often means eating inexpensive food that so easily results in being slender-challanged and various diseases.


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