Best Burger Ever

A marvelous munchie arrived with the “roach coach” that rolled up to the wrecking yard every morning around 10 am. Owned and operated by Vietnamese immigrants, that mobile food provider offered almost anything that could be grilled or deep-fried.



Unlike the typical roach coach, “our” coach also offered Chinese and Vietnamese fare. Another unique aspect of the food offerings was that everything, from corn dogs to burgers, from French fries to cheese sandwiches, all the food had an “Oriental” taste to it.

Old Coot had a favorite and was the only thing ordered; a double cheeseburger on a sourdough roll with mayo and onion.

In the 15 years since departing California I have yet to find any burger that comes close to tasting as super yummy as that roach coach burger. Stuck in the middle of the USA, in what is known as fly-over country, the burgers hereabouts are so bland and drab in comparison to the delights mentioned above.


Will I have to drive 1,800 miles just to savor the wonders of what was taken for granted when bouncing around the Bay Area?


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