Fine Food at Foo Kee Springfield Missouri


With immense and intense sadness I inform the huddled masses yearning to eat immense quantities of Chinese-cooking-type vittles that Foo Kee Chinese Buffet has suffered the fate of other vittles vending firms.

The economic downturn has severely impacted an already-economic backwater with more than its fair share of working-poor folks.

Foo Kee. you will be missed.


300 East Battlefied   Springfield Missouri  886-8868

I will allow the pictures to do most of my talking.

I have eaten at Foo Kee several times and always walk away satisfied.  And bloated.

There are two of these buffet counters. The other is to the right.  Full of food. Yum.

I like fish and am aware of its nutritive values, low calories etc. I also know that baked non-breaded fish is best.  So, I eat the baked non-breaded finny friends except there was something about salmon in the past.

There was that “fishy” taste that bothered me. However, Foo Kee has baked unbreaded salmon that simply tastes good without the “fishy” taste. I am wondering if Foo Kee’s salmon is fresher and better tasting while, perhaps, that salmon I tasted elsewhere MAY have been “old” and not as tasty.

Yeah, I admit to being a sucker for crab Rangoon, even when on a diet. Though perhaps not a “true” Chinese-food pert-near any self-respecting Chinese food restaurant will serve them due to demand and their extreme yumminess to many people.

As you can see, the chef fries them but not so much they become too dark and hard. Ample cheese inside meets my cravings.  I CAN eat a dozen but I force myself not to.

Common elsewhere but here atop the Ozark Plateau I present you with the finest egg foo young I have happened upon locally.

There are many ways to prepare the dish with my favorite method using only vegetables with the eggs thoroughly cooked but… not too much!

These are just right. I do not use sauce on them though there are several available within the buffet. These are so good sauce is not needed but you can experiment. Try several sauces; experimenting is fun.

On the left are “regular” egg rolls. On the right rear are “spring” rolls. On the right front are French fries.

The egg rolls are prepared well as are the spring rolls.  Importantly, neither are overcooked so that they are overly crunchy and “hard.”  Both have the standard goodies wrapped inside.

I tend to prefer the spring rolls for their “lighter essence,” whatever that means.  Heck, just try one of each and grab more of your favorite. Like them both? Grab both… it IS a buffet!!!

Feast your eyes and your tummy on these delectable delights.  Low-calorie and low-carb, I believe.

Mushrooms in a sauce that adds much flavor.  I usually get three piles on my typical three plates, one pile per plate.

I really like the taste of these and do not feel guilty eating so many since they are low-cal. Did I mention yummy?

Let’s take a break from the “regular” foods and peek at the third buffet table; the Mongolian goodies.

Foo Kee has the typical Mongolian cook-to-order separate grille where you can watch the chef prepare the ingredients you select.

I have never been much of a Mongolian type of guy; the already-prepared offerings suit me fine. However, if the grille goodies are for you, the following pictures show what you have to choose from with everything appearing and smelling fresh to my eyes/nose.

There is no rule or law prohibiting you from adding goodies from the “main” bars with the ready-to-eat goodies if you want to include them with your Mongolian feast.

Back to the ready-to-eat section. Chinese noodles on the left and fried-style rice on the right.  I have to reduce my carbohydrate intake for health reasons. Sniff. So I usually skip these though once-in-awhile I take a half-scoop of rice.

I am unsure if the noodles are as tasty as the other stuff.

If my diet allowed me to shovel in the rice I believe I would use the Mongolian barbeque and have the chef grille a gob of chicken and beef and ask him to cut/chop it up into small pieces so I could mix it in with my pile of rice. That sounds mighty good to me!

However, I grab such a small amount of rice adding to it isn’t worth the effort.


Perhaps if I was better acquainted with my new-fangled digital camera I could place a name with the pictures I take.

I can’t remember the name of the dish on the left but admit to digging through it and grabbing veggies.

In the “old days” I tended to try to grab more meat and leave veggies behind.

What goes around comes around and nowadays I leave the meat behind.

Besides, there are ample offerings with minimal to few veggies so I DO get plenty of meat on my plates.

On the right is a chicken dish. I enjoy the tartness provided by the green peppers. Nothing at Foo Kee is overly spicy but they do have toppings/condiments you can add to make a dish actually hot if that is what you crave.

I enjoy a certain level of spicy on some dishes.  At times I add a wee bit of made-in-Thailand hot sauce but go easy with it for it can be formidably hot if too much is used!

Akin to most Chinese buffets the “salad bar” is minimal. Perhaps because most folks come for Chinese food!  Of course, some of the stuff here can be used to make a Mongolian grille dish even fancier or add some ingredients to fried rice or noodle or a chicken dish… get fancy! Get creative!

Everything looks and smells fresh. I do not see wilted fare.

Salad bar again.  Many choices. A great place to “create” your own dishes by grabbing “complete” goodies from the other choices then coming here and adding stuff.

Or, as already mentioned, grab Mongolian yummies then grab more here then hand it to the chef who will cook it and hand it back, ready to eat. What a deal!!!

East half of the interior. Buffet is to the left along with the other part of the dining area.

Chairs and booths are padded for comfort.  No rush; take your time! Eat!!!

Tables and floor are clean. I like that. Service is quick and efficient. No complaints from me.

Sushi stuff for those wanting it. I’d rather have cooked stuff so I walk past this. Maybe I should try it and perhaps I will some day. Perhaps.

But since I enjoy so much the other offerings I am plumb filled up to the bursting point, leaving no room for experimenting with raw fish.

It’s the chef!!!! I believe the bright background light messed up the picture.

He is actually from China and thus, truly knows what Chinese food is and it shows in the obvious quality and yumminess of the food coming out of his kitchen.

This picture shows the length of one buffet. Ample goodies.

For the proverbial record.  I, the creator of I Adore Food and this entry, am a “mere” customer/consumer of Foo Kee who was impressed by the food quality they consistently offer.

Especially those egg foo young!!!  I missed those.  I am from the San Francisco Bay area, the east bay where the lower income “common folks” struggle for an existence!!!

I believe I know decent Chinese food due to being immersed within it for decades. The Bay Area is chock-full of Chinese folks and the Chinese restaurants, buffets, etc. are beyond counting.

Having eaten at many local Chinese buffets (I usually avoid non-buffet Chinese eating places) in my opinion Foo Kee is the tastiest by far and the closest to what I experienced in far-off Californy, y’all.

Well, as it should be; the chef is Mandarin Chinese.

Due to cultural and language/writing/reading differences between Mandarin and English the owners/chef/etc. are unable to create their own little spot on the Web.

Thus, I, a well-satisfied customer created this review.

Not paid for. I refused the offer of a free meal they presented out of gratitude. Nothing in this for me but to help out some nice folks who are working hard to be successful.

And… I DO recommend the food!!!

Sure, tastes vary. What is ymmy to me may not be for you. Nothing wrong with that!!!

I recommend the lunch most due to lower cost. Hey, I am far from rich and actually seldom eat out.

But, when I do… I alternate between Foo Kee and Golden Corral. I really enjoy both places and Golden Corral is saved for lunch, also, to save some money.

I hope you enjoy Foo Kee as much as I do!!!

Foo Kee on Urbanspoon


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