Prune Power

Prune juice…  a Warrior’s  Drink

 Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we surely die… unless thou art one of those whimpering girlish politically correct emasculated modern brainwashed and indoctrinated rabble who would rather appease that which they fear than to stand up for one’s beliefs and be willing to fight to the death for what one firmly believes worth fighting for.

Of course,  one must choose one’s battles carefully for not all fights are worth fighting.  That is why teen-age Klingons can be particularly dangerous since their lust for battle can and does override the logical portion of their brain.

Imagine if the Klingons and Vulcans interbred, if possible.  Warrior genes meshed with a culture demanding continual logic.  What a mighty horde that would be.

Another warrior for prunes

(Earthbound warrior’s leaders and their assistants may fear making the troops TOO warrior-like)

(That has to make sense to someone)

The prune was that big!!!

(Projectile prune power positively propelled per Picard pronunciation)


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