Business Idea

Here atop the Ozark Plateau where roadkill is haute’ cuisine and possum stew is often the only foodstuff available to feed the younguns and Ma has to spend hours over a woof fire to feed the mini-herd oppressive poverty exacerbated by an unrelenting economic downturn has propelled so many of us working-poor folks into abject economic misery I believe my new-fangled idea poses promise.

Dumpster dining.

Using/utilizing still viable vittles cuzz Jeb, Floyd, Eb and I scavenge we will convert a non-used dumpster in an out-of-the-way place, clean it up, install a propane-powered stove, run an extension cord from a nearby business and commence cooking.

We will undercut all competitors and amass wealth from those cashing in their found aluminum cans and who are homeless and kitchen-lees from the local rampant homelessness due to NO JOBS to be found anywhere.

Discounts for impoverished elderly and younguns.

We will be performing a social good by ensuring the horde of hungry po’ folks do eat some basic vittles and I estimate our efforts will be making us upwards of 5 dollars cash spending money per day!!!!!!

That’s mighty-good money here ‘cross the holler.

And any roadkill we come across fresh enough fer’ cookin’ will make our fare a veritable feast hereabouts.

You betcha’.


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