I deleted all my previous posts.


Because I was mentioning name-brand food chains and goods.

I wrote only the TRUTH and my opinions.

I had nothing to gain or lose from my writings.

No ads or affiliate links.

And I wrote of very few negatives and if a particular food was not all that tasty to me I mentioned clearly it was merely my opinion and that there was an excellent chance MANY others WOULD find the item yummy.

BUT…… the power structure within the USA, helped along by BIG government, a corporation-friendly USA legal system and a Supreme Court that, in my opinion, will and does spit upon USA citizens while defending the USA corporate system, has led to my self-censorship.

Delete the content. How can a lowly commoner such as I defend his-self from forces with HUGE armies of lawyers to fight their legal “battles.”

Even defending myself by writing only the TRUTH could still lead to my financial ruin.

Even though my wealth saved from three-plus decades of work is incredibly tiny.

Having been within the working-poor group with no access to a pension did not help.

Oh, sure,

Hoping that, perhaps, my writings MAY lead to some income some day.

I read via experts in the field to write, write and write some more to hone one’s skills.

And since I am severely limited in the work I can do with several medical problems present with no insurance (not exactly young anymore, either) I fill in time practicing the writing.

Scribble, scribble, scrawl.

Awaiting for a job I can do to appear but this appears to be a not-so-good area for job growth and I see “for rent” and “for sale” signs sprouting akin to the dandelions in the often un-mowed lawns.

So… whatever.

Just ONE among a sadly, way too MANY “tales of woe” to be found in today’s USA.

I still adore food even though I have had to curtail my personal eating for economic and health reasons.

But I CAN write about food.

Wonderful food.

Delicious food in its near-infinite varieties.

I will alter what and how I write about food to hopefully minimize or erase any possibility of some corporate entity suing me.






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